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Quastic – why it was created and where it is coming from?

31 Oct 2017,

It’s been a few months since we have launched the Quastic project, and I have realized that I did not write anything about why it has actually started, what are our goals, what do we plan, etc. But today I hope to make it all clear.



When the Quastic idea was born?

As many people know, I had been working with Finakademy for nearly two years. But with the time, the need to go further emerged. In the last few years I have lectured with my colleague in many countries, we have students around the whole world, our courses are in multiple languages, and having all the materials and articles on different places is quite unsystematic. The English version was elsewhere than the Czech one and the Polish version was also somewhere else, etc. It was hard to make system in it:). This is how the idea of ​establishing​ Quastic was born, as an unified web, where all the articles and courses in all languages ​​will be at the same place. At the end of 2016, the idea of ​​establishing Quastic was born. Originally only for foreign languages, but in the end we have decided to put everything under one website to make it more simple. Elena Lindišová has also joined us, as her course will be soon available  in other languages.

What are our goals?

The objectives of Quastic have been clear from the beginning – we want to provide high quality education for traders. Education is the foundation of success in every field. Without education, you will not become pilot or a doctor. Every professional has a long learning path behind. Our goal is to provide quality and fair education. We want to play fair play and we don’t want to say anything that is not real.

What are we planning?

We plan to write high quality educational articles, and other authors will soon join us. We want to show people the way to the fair trading and continue to fulfill our high standard of quality in everything we do.

What we will never do?

As I wrote above, our main principle is a fair approach. We want to offer quality education, quality information, quality support and quality content. I know that I repeat a lot the word quality, but it is the key from my point of view. Therefore, we will never present you something we know it does not work and does not lead to success. We will never teach you how to trade binary options, we will never offer them. In the same way, we will not promise you unreal returns that are achievable only by chance. In short, we want to be fair and provide quality. I am giving you my word  that we will never promote any crap here :).

With whom do we work?

We work with trares who have the ability  to bring something substantial to their readers and students. For example, my colleague Elena Lindišová has a Spread course, which is perhaps the most extensive course in the world. And her course on Carry Trade is the first of its kind in the world. She has successful students and great results. Another example is Mr. Chen, our representative for Japan. Mr. Chen is famous trader in Japan, who has been trading for over 20 years and published 10 books. I am glad we can work with such people who have something to give to others! Once again, the above mentioned matters  – the quality is the basis. And quality comes with quality people.

Where did the name Quastic come from?

Often people ask me why Quastic. The reason is basically simple. We were looking for a name that could be used internationally, the name that could be available for every domain, that describes our goals. Finally, the word Quastic came out, as a combination of the words Quality and Statistics. That represents quality service and a statistical edge that makes us money on the stock (and not just it, but that would be for a long discussion).


Quastic’s goal is simply to bring true quality to all who are interested. If someone insists on a 100% monthly gain, etc., he will not find anything here. But if you are interested in ways how to make reasonable profits and build your knowledge and the capital, thanks to which you will can become a full time trader, then you are very welcomed!

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  1. Jaruphat

    Thank you that you have built it for us, great !!!

    1. Quastic

      Dear Jaruphat, we are happy you are enjoying our webpage. You can also leave us comment about what kind of information you are missing here or what you like the most.

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