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Merry Christmas from the Quastic team and our partners!

22 Dec 2017,

This Christmas wish will be a little bit different because each of us wants to wish you something, so everyone comes with his own message for the Christmas holidays.


There are many of us, so let´s start…


Zdeněk Zaňka, Algotrader, and Quastic CEO

Since my son was born, I spend my holidays in a different way. Before I was still working, my head was still thinking about markets, and I was always inventing something in my mind. Now I look at it differently. For me, financial markets are the way to achieve my goals and that is mainly comfort and safety for my family. It is better to relax during the holidays with my family, than working. I wish you to enjoy Christmas in peace, without stress, and with those you love. Relax and gather the strength into the new year, where new challenges are waiting for us!


Jan Kaška, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Bridge GMF

I wish you a beautiful holiday, good luck and many successes in both private and professional life. This year was marked by the strong growth of stock markets. 2018 will be undoubtedly interesting and maybe also a year of changes, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis, with stock markets at historical highs. Only a few admit that such ride might end up once, and that evokes me only one thing – vigilance.


Elena Lindišová, spread trader

Christmas time is miraculous for me. The whole world seems to calm down at least for a moment, and I feel this peaceful mood in the air. So, with all my heart, I wish you the most joyful and happiest holidays together with your closest ones, so you obtain as much energy as possible for the next year. I’m looking forward to the next year. The year 2017 was a sign of stable profits for me, the most beautiful ones were on pork. I am looking forward to this opportunity also next year. However, the most I am looking forward to possible, unusual and exceptional opportunities for grain. I wish to all spread and commodity traders, but also to all other colleagues and traders many green numbers in the portfolio, right decisions and smooth trading.


David Puchýř, intraday futures trader

I wish you beautiful holidays, full of peace and relax with your family, and I appreciate all those who work on themselves and do not give up. I wish you to break the resistance again and I hope next year will be in a sign of growth of your experience and profits. Stay with us when learning together.


Daniel Zeman, Head of Communication & Product Manager, StrategyQuant

I would like to wish you enough strength to do not get influenced by fashionable trends and guaranteed ways how to get rich, instead work on your own consistent and long-term investment strategy, that will make sense to you and will make you happy in your life as well.


Kiryl Kirychenka, Matlab trader and product manager at Roboforex Broker

I wish to you and your beloved ones all the best, beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you to work only with quality brokers who have a qualified team that thinks about their clients. My goal is to bring you innovative products, which is what we are doing, and I would like to continue in this trend not only in 2018, but also in the years to come.


Tomáš Vaněk, server administrator & strategy developer

I wish to all our students and customers beautiful and relaxed Christmas holiday, a lot of health and success in the New Year, a stable and trouble-free VPS and also some volatility :-).


Luboslav Cisárik, CEO Quastic.pl

Peaceful and joyful spending of Christmas holidays in a circle of beloved ones. Let all your wishes and dreams come true. I wish the feeling of success will stay with you for the whole year.

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