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    The development of the StrategyQuant 4 is over!

    17 Jul 2018

    In this article I have two news for you – one bad and one good. Let’s start the bad one. StrategyQuant 4 development has finished. Probably a shock, huh? But do not worry, it’s not that serious :).       StrategyQuant 4 is dead, long live StrategyQuant X! Experienced computer users already know where […]

    StrategyQuant 4 and historical data for Bitcoin, indices and other markets …

    4 Jun 2018

    Imagine software where you can download data just with a few  clicks  of mouse and use them for backtests without any programming needs. Or let a software to search for the strategies automatically. That’s exactly how we made the new StrategyQuant. On Friday 1.6. we released the next version of StrategyQuant 4. The work is now […]

    StrategyQuant 4 – overview

    15 May 2018

    I decided to write an article about the new version of the StrategyQuant, which is now close to be released. How does the new version look, how was the development, and what will you find inside? Let´s take it step by step.   Development of StrategyQuant 4 The work on SQ4 has begun for our […]