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    We supercharged the SpreadCharts app!

    5 Jan 2018

    Our SpreadCharts.com app for complex analysis of the commodity markets is becoming very popular. Number of new users has exploded last year and percentage of them actively using the app is surging. It’s no wonder why our app is attracting so much interest. It offers a great suite of features, decades of historical data and […]

    I’ve earned $240 on corn

    12 Sep 2017

    Yesterday, after almost two months, the time has come and I have “harvested ” my corn. This July I have decided to take a bear position on spread ZCN18-ZCH18. It was therefore spread within one harvest, which means fairly low-risk. Just exactly for my psyche and my account. COT analysis Why I have chosen  bearish […]

    Commodity spreads: Why Roman trades them?

    8 Sep 2017

    Very interesting article appeared in the Spread discussion forum, which is accessible to all the graduates of my Online Commodity Spread Course. It is kind of a personal confession of the spread trader, about why he chose to trade the commodity spreads. Thank you Roman, and I am pleased to publish it here: Dear colleagues, […]