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    Trading System for Shorting inefficient ETFs – Part 1 – Basic Overview

    5 Apr 2018

    In today’s part of our educative series, I would like to focus on how to start building your own specific trading system for shorting inefficient ETFs. Above all, I would like to focus on the basic blocks of such a system, which I will then discuss in detail in later chapters.   Market selection First […]

    Alternative approaches to shorting inefficient ETFs – pair trading (2/3)

    22 Mar 2018

    In the last part of our series, we explained that pair trading of inefficient ETFs – more precisely the shorting of both ETFs in a given pair – may be considered as an interesting way to benefit from their inefficiency. But we have also said that in order to be able to think about trading […]

    Reverse split and options

    25 Jan 2018

    In the last part I have described the basic principles of short-call strategy trading in connection with inefficient ETFs. I have noted that in a situation where the price of the ETF reaches a low level, there might appear a so-called reverse split (the conditions under which it occurs, are usually described in the fund´s […]