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Where to find reliable free charts and data

24 Apr 2018

Following our previous article on how to choose the right timeframe, I would like to share with you some tips for different platforms which can provide you a wide variety of charts for financial instruments: from stocks, forex, ETFs, precious metals to commodity spreads which are at the same time free of charge. Free online […]

Trading styles

27 Mar 2018

Trading methods based on duration In trading, you can choose and trade based on several trading methods that vary particularly by the length of the trades. We recognize several types of trading methods. We start in our article from the shortest ones.   1 # Scalping Scalpers are traders who spend a maximum several minutes […]

Leverage 1/2

9 Feb 2018

Today’s article is closely connected with the previous article on margin. The leverage is a topic that deserves a broader analysis, so we divide the article into two parts. Leverage is the main reason why CFDs are so popular. We are allowed to trade big positions with small capital. But of course, it has its […]

Profit target and stop loss

12 Jan 2018

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ve probably heard in various forums, articles, and videos about the profit target (PT, sometimes called take profit -TP), and about the stop the loss (SL).   Target Profit Definition: Profit target is the price set on the chart where we plan to exit from the trade. If we […]

Trading orders in Metatrader

8 Dec 2017

The platform has been set up, we know now how to change the visual settings of the chart, change the timeframe and add the market symbol we want to trade, and we can now focus on Metatrader’s trading orders.         We can enter the market in two ways: Market order – immediately […]

Metatrader platform and its setup

24 Nov 2017

Today we will have a look at the most used trading platform. User´s environment and control is intuitive and clear, from easy installation to easy graphics. Metatrader Installation Installation is not any science, just select the right version for your operating system on the https://www.metatrader4.com/ home page. Or you can download it from your broker. […]

Volatility: the fuel for the markets

17 Nov 2017

In the last article, we have made clear that if we expect growth of a financial asset, we enter to a long position. Today’s article will be about volatility.     What is volatility? Volatility is the financial instrument price fluctuation. For example, the volatility of the EURUSD forex pair may be 90 pips, which […]

Downtrend and Uptrend

13 Nov 2017

Today I have another part of the series for our beginners. Today’s article builds on the previous one and reviews the uptrend and downtrend, so called market directions.   The market can move up, down and sideways. Because trading is business like everything else, everything has its professional name:   Downtrend – movement down Uptrend […]

Technical Analysis: Candle Chart

8 Nov 2017

In addition to our AOS series, we have decided that to make a series that will give you complete basics of the trading. With the increasing number of visitors, also the number of newcomers is raising, so we’ve decided to update our site and give them insight into trading from a complete beginning. You will […]