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    Cheap butter for everyone!

    1 Nov 2017

    Butter fewer is going around at least some parts of Europe. Somewhere the price has grown by 100%, in other places there is a lack of butter in the stores. In order to keep my blog up with the latest trends, I’m going to analyze butter today. I will try to analyze the market as […]

    Bear spreads on energies

    30 Oct 2017

    Being in touch with my colleagues and my students is a great thing. When I think about the topic of an article, I just look at our forum or at our Facebook group (Commodity Spreads) and I can easily find out what might be an interesting topic for the moment. Now the main topic are […]

    Rocket movement on beef + new bull spread on sugar

    22 Sep 2017

    I am speechless! The short-term opportunity on the spread LEZ17-LEV17, I have recently wrote about, started as a rocket. Spread had very good perspectives based on the analyzes I used, but I did not expect such a madness. From the time of publishing the spread report, where I have analyzed this opportunity, the spread has […]