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    Scalping strategies V: What are trading sessions and how to work with them

    17 Jul 2017

    It has been already a few years ago when I have realized how crucial are trading sessions for scalping. Why? And how to work with them? Let’s have a look at it in our article. What are trading sessions? There are several trading centers around a globe and as the globe turns, the market is […]

    Scalping robots IV: Watch out for the sensitivity!

    3 Jul 2017

    In this article we will have a look at what affects the most our profits from scalping. This lesson will be more about practice and I’ll show you what to look after when developing scalping strategies.   We have to do it in a different way I am very strict in my strategy development and […]

    Scalping Strategies III: Why scalping and what can be achieved?

    19 Jun 2017

    I did not originally plan this article, but after a discussion I have decided to publish my results from the times when I had been doing scalping. So what can be achieved with scalping? First of all, I have to say here that by scalping we can achieve interesting profits, but it is very demanding […]

    Scalping Strategies II: Advantages and Disadvantages

    5 Jun 2017

    As I wrote in the previous article, I have decided to return to the scalping strategies. I have been intensively and successfully engaged in scalping years ago (in one of the articles I will share with you my results), but scalping strategies have their disadvantages, so I left them for a while. However queries are […]

    Forex EA: Strategies for scalping? Let’s start!

    16 May 2017

    I remembered the scalping strategy we had put together with my friend a few years ago. Its results are still very good and it works very well in the long term perspective. Take a look at our backtest (we have created it in 2013): In case you wouldn’t know it, we can consider as scalping […]