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    What is alpha and how it can be generated?

    9 Nov 2017

    In the long run, investor’s profitability consists of two components. The first one is alpha, which basically tells us what are the investor’s abilities to generate revenue, regardless of the favourable market conditions. It can be said that alpha expresses the investor’s skills. The second part is beta, that tells us how big leverage is being […]

    Quastic new series: Options and Trading of Inefficient ETFs

    2 Nov 2017

    Dear friends and Quastic visitors. My name is Jan Kaška, I am a member of the investment committee of the Charles Bridge GMF hedge fund, the author of many investment strategies – working mainly with options and structured products – and a long-time investor in the financial markets.    New series about trading inefficient ETFs […]

    Quastic – why it was created and where it is coming from?

    31 Oct 2017

    It’s been a few months since we have launched the Quastic project, and I have realized that I did not write anything about why it has actually started, what are our goals, what do we plan, etc. But today I hope to make it all clear.     When the Quastic idea was born? As […]