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    Always mind the confirmation bias!

    16 Jan 2018

    Do you know what is the confirmation bias? Each of us has witnessed it at least several time during our lives.     What is the information bias? It simply means that we tend to prefer information that confirms our own opinion. Typically, it is happening during the elections. For example, there were many people […]

    Four parts of my portfolio

    15 Jan 2018

    During the holidays, I try to stick to one principle – avoid watching the markets, take a break from all the charts, analyses, and various information. But I am trying to take it easy. So it has happened also this year. From my previous analyses made before Christmas, I had some interesting opportunities marked. Therefore, […]

    EUR/USD: Let’s trade! Or better not?

    8 Jan 2018

    In today’s article, I want to be kind of a “rebel” and leave my favorite area of automated trading. Today I want to focus on EUR/USD from a discretionary perspective. I will focus on the daily chart and the medium-term trend. On my Facebook (I will be pleased if you add me), I have recently […]

    How I am managing the bear spreads on corn

    19 Sep 2017

    In the last article, I was describing the steps I did when choosing the bearish spread on corn, from which I have enjoyed a pleasant $ 240. Many of you have asked me, why I entered the market with only one contract. After all, my risk management had to afford me at least two contracts. […]