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Commodity spreads 3: What are commodity spreads?

20 Nov 2017

In this part of our series, we are finally getting to my favourite commodity spreads. I remember my beginnings very vividly and it is true that this name can discourage someone. Stocks, bonds or currencies are better known, and it is possible to imagine something under their names. Commodity spreads are perhaps a bit more […]

Commodity Spreads 2: What are Futures Contracts and how they work?

14 Nov 2017

I told you why I have chosen commodities in the first part of the series on commodity spreads, and today we can move forward. But before we go straight to the commodity spreads, it will be important to understand what are the futures.     How most commodities are traded? Commodities can be traded on […]

Commodity spreads 1: What are commodities and what is interesting about them?

13 Nov 2017

I have been writing articles for my readers and commodity enthusiasts for two and half years. You will find among them a decent amount of my know-how, my practices, advice, current analyzes, etc. But you have also asked me for the complete basics. I understand that because it is difficult to find those basic ideas […]