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    The power of my portfolio

    6 Oct 2017

    In the previous article, I have promised to tell you more about my portfolio. You already know how it is composed, but today I will go a little bit deeper. I’ll explain you where is the strength of the portfolio. Portfolio strength Those who are familiar with my articles know, that I mainly trade inter-delivery […]

    How is doing my portfolio?

    3 Oct 2017

    Today’s article will be easy, just like my last few days. I have simply decided that I will “shut down” for a while and will take care about myself, my  family and hobbies. That’s why I did not turn on my computer for almost a week, I took the rest from most of my work […]

    Hurricane Harvey and the energies

    1 Sep 2017

    We could have witnessed big movements on oil and especially its derivates over last few days. For example, futures for unleaded petrol rose yesterday by more than 8%. The reason is Hurricane Harvey, which caused a huge devastation in the south of the USA (mainly hit Texas and Louisiana). Why do energy prices react as […]