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What strategy to choose for oil & gas in 2019

11 Jan 2019

Crude oil is undergoing a bounce, but should remain under pressure for the rest of 2019…this is what we have predicted in the last issue of the Spread report our premium subscribers received on the New Year’s Eve. Today, I will take a closer look at the situation in crude oil and also mention natural […]

Gold: Is it still worth buying?

10 Jan 2018

Precious metals again did not disappoint me at the end of the year. In December, they began to grow rapidly, as it is usually at the end of the year. We were expecting this as you could see in the Spread Report, where we have analysed in detail the silver with the expectation of the […]

Contango and its use (1/2)

23 Nov 2017

In the last two parts of my series, I have shown you why I consider VIX and its derivatives as a very interesting source for generating alpha. In today’s article, I would like to focus more on the first condition, i.e. high contango. So, let me explain what the contango is all about and what […]

What is alpha and how it can be generated (2/2)?

16 Nov 2017

In the last article, we have explored the possibilities of generating alpha on the market. As it can be seen from the list, alpha can be achieved by many ways and through many strategies and instruments.     Reason why I would like to focus in the next chapters of this series on the systematic […]

Commodity spreads 2: What are futures contracts and how they work?

14 Nov 2017

I told you why I have chosen commodities in the first part of the series on commodity spreads, and today we can move forward. But before we go straight to the commodity spreads, it will be important to understand what are the futures. You can find the whole article HERE.