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Option trading in practice – Weeks 14 and 15

16 Aug 2018

Dear Readers and Traders, in this article I want to summarize our gas trading activities, show you the changes in the portfolio as well as the conclusions we have made in our models regarding the temperature adjusted balance between supply and demand. Also, I would like to thank you for a number of very good […]

Option trading in practice – Week 11

19 Jul 2018

Dear readers and traders, natural gas continued to decline last week and thanks to this, we got with our portfolio to the new highs.       Summary of the week At the end of last week, we were in profit of about + 1.2%. In our portfolio – due to the decrease in gas […]

Option trading in practice – Week 6

14 Jun 2018

Dear Readers and traders, in today’s article – which is also a trading report for the last week trading, I would like to summarize events of the last week’s trading and also analyse the first week of pair strategy trading (double short) on gas-related ETFs.   Summary of the week There has been a slight […]

Option Trading in Practice –- Week 4

31 May 2018

Dear Readers and Traders, in this article I want to make the summary of our gas option trading and in the second part I have some news for you. As I mentioned in the introductory part of this series, our goal is to show you our trading even when we are failing, when the market […]

How to start investing on the market that has been growing for 9 years..

28 May 2018

Stock markets have been growing in the US for 9 years. The question is how long they can grow. We have partly touched this question in the article about market valuation. Today I will focus on the beginning investors who want to invest funds now, and they may be afraid that the market will drop […]

Option Trading in Practice – Week 2

18 May 2018

Dear readers, as I have announced in the first part of our option trading series, I’m going to tell you how our gas trading has developed in the second week of May. We’ll catch up with time and you’ll always have the next reports on time after signing into your client’s section on Quastic.   […]

Trading inefficient ETFs in practice – Quastic new series

16 May 2018

Dear readers, I would like to thank you very much for the huge number of messages and emails I get from you every week. I’m really glad you like our series on how to deal with inefficient ETFs and you already apply these principles in your own trading. I am very happy about that. Many […]

Trading System for Short Efficient ETFs – Part 5 – What to do when assignment occurs?

3 May 2018

In the last part of the educative series, I mentioned that there is a certain risk of assignment when shorting inefficient ETF markets through bear call spreads. This is usually the case when the option strike is in-the-money, and there is practically no time value for the sold option. What does it mean for us […]

Trading System for Short Inefficient ETFs – part 4 – call or put?

26 Apr 2018

In the previous part of the educative series, we have explained how the trade length affects the potential probability of success and we have also pointed out that there is a relatively direct relation between holding time and profitability. Of course – it is very important whether we choose an aggressive approach (we expect a […]

Trading system for short inefficient ETFs – 3rd part – length of the trade

19 Apr 2018

In the previous article, we have explained that the VIX index is one of the most important entry parameter when it comes to our system for shorting volatile ETFs. Today, we will focus on specifying why it is so and how important for the success of the strategy is the length of the trade (that […]