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    What strategy to choose for oil & gas in 2019

    11 Jan 2019

    Crude oil is undergoing a bounce, but should remain under pressure for the rest of 2019…this is what we have predicted in the last issue of the Spread report our premium subscribers received on the New Year’s Eve. Today, I will take a closer look at the situation in crude oil and also mention natural […]

    Bear spreads in corn will become even more profitable

    1 Oct 2018

    At the end of next year (2019), the CME Group will raise storage rates in corn and soybeans futures contracts from 0.165 of one cent per bushel per day to 0.265 of one cent per bushel per day. The change will take effect… You can find the whole article HERE.

    VSR model for KC HRW wheat

    14 Sep 2018

    I’d like to share with you some recent news from SpreadCharts. We’ve been working on quite a few things, but the most significant change occurred in the way we store data. We finally got rid of the last bit of SQL type databases on our data server. Some of the charts have become even faster… […]

    How to catch the Soybean Opportunity?

    11 Jul 2018

    In the last article, I revealed how I have taken the stretched situation on soybean market through the bull spread July-August 2019 (ZSN19-ZSQ19). Today, I will focus on this type of strategy and explain my approach in regard to this opportunity.   Why interdelivery spreads? Interdelivery spreads are very popular. They often keep up the […]

    Contango histogram 2: Correct, incorrect and completely wrong approach to it

    28 Jun 2018

    A recent article on the contango histogram has brought many comments. One of our readers, Adam, wrote a very good comment directly under the article. He asks what is the right way to compare the true value of the spread with historical results. This is a really good question, and at the same time a […]

    Profit from the state of the market

    19 Jun 2018

    If you trade an event, you have to be right nearly about everything, not just the market situation. Your timing has to be perfect, which is not always the case. Fortunately, there is an easier way how to trade. Instead of trading the event, you can trade the state of the market! Let’s take a […]

    The most interesting opportunity: Silver

    30 Mar 2018

    Today we look at silver. We have analyzed this market in the last Spread report because we think it is one of the best current opportunities. Not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term horizon. It seems we are close to the transition of precious metals to the bull […]

    We supercharged the SpreadCharts app!

    5 Jan 2018

    Our SpreadCharts.com app for complex analysis of the commodity markets is becoming very popular. Number of new users has exploded last year and percentage of them actively using the app is surging. It’s no wonder why our app is attracting so much interest. It offers a great suite of features, decades of historical data and […]

    Contango and inefficient commodity ETFs

    7 Dec 2017

    In the previous articles, I explained what does contango mean, what the VIX index is, and how some ETF / ETNs work in the volatile markets. I have focused mainly on the inefficiencies which are brought by such construction and which can be very interesting for our trading.   In today’s article, I would like […]

    Commodity spreads 3: What are commodity spreads?

    20 Nov 2017

    In this part of our series, we are finally getting to my favourite commodity spreads. I remember my beginnings very vividly and it is true that this name can discourage someone. Stocks, bonds or currencies are better known, and it is possible to imagine something under their names. Commodity spreads are perhaps a bit more […]