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    Soybeans: is it time for bull spreads?

    17 Oct 2017

    The October WASDE report (Oct. 12, 2017) moved mainly with soybeans and soybean mean. On the day when report was published, the soybeans front contract rose by nearly 3%, getting closer to a very important trendline and strong psychological barrier $ 10.     At first glance, you can see why current resistance is so […]

    What’s happening behind the cocoa market?

    26 Sep 2017

    The divergence in the cocoa market is often the subject of talks. And there is no wonder why. Such a strong anomaly cannot be often seen. Particularly, I mean the divergence between the structure of the market (term structure) and the price of cocoa. I have pointed at it several times in the Spread report and […]

    Hurricane Harvey and the energies

    1 Sep 2017

    We could have witnessed big movements on oil and especially its derivates over last few days. For example, futures for unleaded petrol rose yesterday by more than 8%. The reason is Hurricane Harvey, which caused a huge devastation in the south of the USA (mainly hit Texas and Louisiana). Why do energy prices react as […]