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    Proven Forex Strategy: Description and Results

    20 Feb 2018

    I have prepared for you the description of the strategy that has been successfully running over the last 21 months on forex account. I will show how it looks, how it trades, what are its profits, and what distinguishes it from strategies that are not profitable. Risk management In general, I trade strategies with a lower […]

    Tips for reducing Metatrader 4 CPU usage on VPS

    23 Jan 2018

    Metatrader can take a lot of CPU resources because it does some extra operations that we do not need in order to run our automated strategies on VPS and this, of course, increases heavily the VPS usage. It renders charts, downloads unnecessarily long data, unused symbols, plays notifications and other features that are not necessary […]

    Tips for safe VPS operation with Metatrader 4

    12 Dec 2017

    In today’s article, I will show you how, with a few tricks, we can secure our VPS, where our real accounts are running. This is the reason why we need to prevent our server from being hit by potential attackers. I know from my own practice that if you have opened a VPS port for […]

    Automated Trading 7: How to Get a Quality Data

    22 Nov 2017

    In the last article, we have talked about 3 steps that are important for building quality strategies. In the next articles, we will have a look at them in details, and today we will start with the data. What kind of data do we need? Why are the MT4 data not the best choice and […]

    Automated trading 5: Results that can be achieved and how to set your goals

    7 Nov 2017

    Whether we are trading or doing other business, it is important to set our goals. If we do not have target, we don´t know where we are going and we can hardly get there. Setting goals has one more important aspect – it must be real. I have experienced a lot of people who set […]

    Automated Trading 4: How does the automated strategies work?

    24 Oct 2017

    After a short holiday break, I am back with another part of my series. In the previous article, we were talking about building automated strategies. Today we will go more into the depth and I will describe two basic buidling technologies. But let’s start by repeating what it is, and what is not building of […]

    DAX – How to set the backtest data

    28 Sep 2017

    DAX is a very dynamic market that has strong moves. It is therefore logical, that traders are interested in it and I am receiving many questions about how to properly set DAX data in the STrategyQuant. Let’s take a look at this topic.     Data settings for Dukascopy – downloaded with tick downloader, where […]

    Automated Trading 3: How to build automated strategies?

    25 Sep 2017

    In today’s article, I am going to show you four ways how to build automated trading strategies, some of them are suitable also for nonprogrammers and beginners. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages and I will add my own perspective and experience.       What are the methods for building strategies? In principle, […]

    5 ways how to enhance the StrategyQuant performance

    14 Sep 2017

    In this article, I have some tips about how to improve the StrategyQuant performance. Use the SSD disk If you have the SSD disk, you should use it. It accelerates not only StrategyQaunt, but the whole PC. The SSD disk allows to write and read up to 10 times faster than your regular hard disk […]

    Automated Trading 1: What is it?

    11 Sep 2017

    Good afternoon friends, I have been writing articles for a long time, but since I have often questions from the beginners about what exactly the automated trading systems are, what are the advantages and disadvantages, etc. I have realized that I have not done specific series for beginners yet, so it’s time to fix it. […]