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    Scalping strategies V: What are trading sessions and how to work with them

    17 Jul 2017

    It has been already a few years ago when I have realized how crucial are trading sessions for scalping. Why? And how to work with them? Let’s have a look at it in our article. What are trading sessions? There are several trading centers around a globe and as the globe turns, the market is […]

    Forex EA: Strategies for scalping? Let’s start!

    16 May 2017

    I remembered the scalping strategy we had put together with my friend a few years ago. Its results are still very good and it works very well in the long term perspective. Take a look at our backtest (we have created it in 2013): In case you wouldn’t know it, we can consider as scalping […]

    AUD/CAD strategy vol.2: How to improve it?

    1 May 2017

    In the previous article we have been reviewing an interesting strategy for AUD/CAD, and at the end, I asked you to do homework – to suggest how to improve the strategy and how to get more profit out of it. At the beginning, I want to say that I did not want to hear the […]

    Strategy for AUD/CAD

    14 Mar 2017

    I have previously shared on my Facebook an interesting strategy for AUD/CAD, and since there were very positive reactions I have decided to write something more about it and at the end I have prepared homework for you. So please write your comments on Facebook and we will have a look at it next week […]