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    Quastic – why it was created and where it is coming from?

    31 Oct 2017

    It’s been a few months since we have launched the Quastic project, and I have realized that I did not write anything about why it has actually started, what are our goals, what do we plan, etc. But today I hope to make it all clear.     When the Quastic idea was born? As […]

    Automated Trading 4: How does the automated strategies work?

    24 Oct 2017

    After a short holiday break, I am back with another part of my series. You ready? In the previous article, we were talking about building automated strategies. Today we will go more into the depth and I will describe two basic building technologies. But let’s start by repeating what it is, and what is not […]

    Automated Trading 3: How to build automated strategies?

    25 Sep 2017

    In today’s article, I am going to show you four ways how to build automated trading strategies, some of them are suitable also for nonprogrammers and beginners. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages and I will add my own perspective and experience.       What are the methods for building strategies? In principle, […]

    Automated Trading 2: Is It Good For Beginners?

    18 Sep 2017

    “I’m a beginner, automated trading is probably not suitable for me”. This is something I hear quite often. Is it actually true? Is automated trading also suitable for beginners? As we have said in the previous article, automated trading has lot of advantages – it does not make mistakes, it is more comfortable from the […]