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    Is good old Forex about to finish….

    6 Apr 2018

    Or not? I did not want to write this article right after the information have been publish, but I wanted to let the emotions cool down and so I am writing my article with certain delay. I will not discuss in details on what ESMA has announced, since most of you know it. In my […]

    Merry Christmas from the Quastic team and our partners!

    22 Dec 2017

    This Christmas wish will be a little bit different because each of us wants to wish you something, so everyone comes with his own message for the Christmas holidays.   There are many of us, so let´s start…   Zdeněk Zaňka, Algotrader, and Quastic CEO   Jan Kaška, Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Bridge GMF   […]

    What will bring the Hong Kong conference?

    18 Dec 2017

    I am quite often going to the foreign conferences. It is always interesting to see other traders as well as the mentality which is different from the Czech one. European mentality differs from the Asian one and it is reflected also in the trading approach. This spring we had been to a conference in China, […]

    The most common errors in Metatrader 4 and how to solve them

    10 Nov 2017

    Metatrader is the most widely spread platform and it may happen that it will report us an error during our trading. In today’s article, we will have a look at the list of most common errors and we will describe how to deal with them.          I put the strategy into MT4 […]

    DAX – How to set the backtest data

    28 Sep 2017

    DAX is a very dynamic market that has strong moves. It is therefore logical, that traders are interested in it and I am receiving many questions about how to properly set DAX data in the STrategyQuant. Let’s take a look at this topic.     Data settings for Dukascopy – downloaded with tick downloader, where […]

    Ultimate Guide to the MACD Indicator

    20 Sep 2017

    In this article, we’ll introduce the main features of the MACD indicator, as well as its right setting that can help you to analyze the market and better follow the market movements. I will show you also how you how to implement this indicator in your daily trading. Indicator MACD is a trend indicator that […]

    Symbol change at Purple Trading

    7 Sep 2017

    If you are a client of Purple Trading, you may have received this email, and if you are using the STP account you should read this carefully. Trading symbols change In order to clearly distinguish the STP and ECN account types on the MT4 platform, you will always see symbols with the appropriate suffix according […]

    How long is the strategy going to be profitable?

    27 Jul 2017

    I´ve got a question recently: “Mr Zdenek, I have got no experience with automated trading yet. Howeve, I guess automated strategy is going to be profitable only for a few weeks”.   Actually it was not a question, it was the statement. And it´s clear, that the man has no knowledge, nor experience with automated […]

    Scalping strategies V: What are trading sessions and how to work with them

    17 Jul 2017

    It has been already a few years ago when I have realized how crucial are trading sessions for scalping. Why? And how to work with them? Let’s have a look at it in our article. What are trading sessions? There are several trading centers around a globe and as the globe turns, the market is […]

    Scalping robots IV: Watch out for the sensitivity!

    3 Jul 2017

    In this article we will have a look at what affects the most our profits from scalping. This lesson will be more about practice and I’ll show you what to look after when developing scalping strategies.   We have to do it in a different way I am very strict in my strategy development and […]