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The Secret of Stable Success on the Markets

15 Feb 2018,

It’s been 12 years since I first get to the stock exchange. This year, I have celebrated my 31st birthday, and I can say that I do trading my entire life. As soon as I left high school, I got to the markets and stayed with them.

With my trading, I have gone through many trading areas as well as through gradual developed. From a scalper, I have developed to the point, where I combine automated trading strategies and investments into stocks and longer-term assets.

But what I want to say and what is the main reason of this article – in this 12 years of trading and investing, I have found out what is important to become successful. And I found it out not just by myself, but also speaking and working with my students – in numerous projects I had students from 95 countries.

I would like to share with you four key points that give you a chance to succeed

Respect and humility

Two words that are very important to every trader. The market is strong and can always beat you, you need to have respect and behave accordingly. Respect and humility are not missing also in the case of legendary investor Warren Buffett. Without these characteristics, it simply not possible.

Long-term performance

If I have a good day, can it be repeated over and over again? On the Internet, traders often show the results made in one day, but the reality is that one day does not mean anything. It is important to look at long-term results, the ideal is 3 years, the minimum is one year.


Markets, economy, trading environment, everything is changing … Educate yourself and read as much as you can. For example, I read about two thousand pages of books per month + many texts on the Internet. I’m always getting new information, learning from the best. I also use this information in trading, investing … Many people around me, whether students or employees have started doing the same. And the results began to improve.

Strategy and Psyche

There is one rumor in trading – if you have a good psyche you will be in profit with any kind of strategy. This is not entirely true. The strategy itself must be profitable in the long term. If we have such strategy, a strong psyche will support it and the weak psyche will kill it. Think about it and focus on quality strategy!


As a gift, I have prepared for you e-book called The Secrets of Profitable Trading strategies, where you will find my know how. You can download it under the article. I hope you will enjoy it.


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