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How to find time for trading?

9 Sep 2016,

To become successful in trading, the discipline and mental skills are important, this is nothing new. But there is one more thing that will help you to boost your success up.

It is not a secret that the best traders are people who have achieved success also in their professional life. It’s not about contacts, it’s about their discipline and the fact that they can manage their time and distribute their work. Let’s have a look at how to learn from these people and how to benefit from it.

Time management

Time management is a key part of every businessman. A successful entrepreneur can do as much work per day as three employees. To do this, he has to work efficiently and distribute his workload. There are different techniques, but one is perfectly ideal for traders who also work. It is called “block time”.

The principle of this technique is very easy. You set two hours a day that you devote to the development of trading robots, studying, etc. For example from 7pm to 9pm. Turn off your mobile, Skype, everything that could disturb you. And your wife has the right to distract you only in life threatening situations :).

Imagine what happens when you do such a block time.

  • You work with discipline every day
  • There are two hours a day you intensively work on your life dream
  • You work 10 hours a week
  • 40 hours per month
  • 480 hours per year
  • In one year it does 60 days!


In one year you work 3 months, it’s like to have 3 months only for trading and nothing else!

Make your “block time” and you will see how it will move you forward!

And if you do not know what to study, come with me and learn to distribute your work to the trading robots!

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