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Zdenek Zanka

CEO of Quastic and Algo Trader
Zdenek has been focused on financial markets since 2006. He started with futures contracts and forex. Now he is focused mainly on automated trading because he doesn't have to spend the entire day in front of the computer and has… More about Zdenek Zanka

Maroš Frič

Architect of StrategyQuant software
I got into trading in 2006. In the beginning I traded manually and tried various trading styles and asset classes - futures, stocks, options, spreads, forex. I wanted to get as much information as possible and find the right way… More about Mark Fric

Luboslav Cisarik

Director of Poland
Moje początki na giełdzie to schyłek lat dziewięćdziesiątych. Od roku 1998 zdobywałem pierwsze doświadczenia w świecie giełdy, przez handlowanie towarami notowanymi na WGT. Dostarczałem wówczas dla WGT rzeczywiste kontrakty surowcowe. Współpraca z największymi spółkami w tej branży dała mi cenną… More about Luboslav Cisarik

Elena Lindišová

Spread trader & Research analyst
Obchodování komoditních spreadů jsem se začala věnovat v roce 2012 při studiu na vysoké škole. V té době jsem studovala náročný obor, takže práce na plný úvazek při škole byla pro mě nereálná. Hledala jsem způsob výdělku, který mi ušetří… More about Elena Lindisova

Steve Chou

Director of Chinese speaking market
Steve Chou is a skilled Forex trader who born in Taiwan and begins at 2000, in the first seven years he only use manual trading in Forex. Since 2008 he transforms to the quantitative trader and begins to use EA… More about Steve Chou

Pavel Hála

Founder of SpreadCharts.com & quantitative options trader
Pavel graduated in Theoretical physics and Astrophysics from Masaryk university in Brno, Czech republic. In his early scientific work he focused on multiwavelength study of active galactic nuclei. Since then he has spent a few years applying most advanced methods… More about Pavel Hála

M.K. Cheah

Director of Singapore, Malaysia and Indionesia
I started discretionary forex trading in 2009. I invested thousands of dollars attending various forex trading courses, countless hours reading through forex trading books and online forums. Those trading days were like a roller coaster ride not only on my… More about M.K.Cheah

Kornel Mazur

Strategy Developer & Director of English support
Kornel is an experienced trader who has done trading since 2009. You will meet him during online consultations and in the forum, where he deals mostly with practical questions about development. More about Kornel Mazur