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30 days of online training
"How to trade stocks" for FREE

Next StrategyLab starts in: -973 days -4 hours and -56 minutes

What is StrategyLab?

StrategyLab is 4-weeks long online coaching, where we will teach you how to develop automated trading strategies. You will see everything in practice and without any commitments.

You will be led by experienced market matadors.

Profitable and tested strategies in practice.
We will show you the approach for free
You will get for free all necessary tools
You will have access to the community of traders
You will create and test strategies by yourself

You will have your strategies during four weeks

Also, you will learn, how to build like 40 of them

Results of StrategyLab

StrategyLab I +24600 pips
StrategyLab II +6900 pips

Why we do this?

Also, we want to disprove some of the myth that is difficult to build profitable strategy
We want to show you, that you don’t require special talent for trading
We want to show you, that we can do it in four weeks.

There are questions at the beginning:

  • Which market should I choose?
  • How to build a strategy?
  • How to test my strategies?

All this is part of the StrategyLab, our laboratory of trading strategies.

The 21 lessons of online course is waiting for you

You will learn how to create strategies without programming skills and without wasting time at computer and 90% of work will do the StrategyQuant, sophisticated software for automated generating of strategies and test them.

Do you like currency pair? Indexes? Commodities? Select any market. You will also learn to create strategies, that you will own.

The list of StrategyLab topics

Which market should I choose?
At the beginning, you will choose market for strategy building. If you are not sure, don’t worry, we will help you.
How to build a strategy?
We will show you everything step-by-step so you can build profitable strategies
How to test my strategies?
We will discuss, how to test strategies and select these ones with the highest probability to be profitable in the future.
And what will be next step?
We will also discuss how to continue after the end of StrategyLab.

Our Team

Zdenek Zanka

Author of Project

Kornel Mazur

Support & Strategy Development

Stuart Wilson

StrategyLAB Guide