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    30 days of online training
    "How to trade stocks" for FREE

    Next StrategyLab starts in: -976 days -3 hours and -2 minutes

    Number of free places to register:  9 / 100

    • You do not need any money, the whole course is FREE
    • You will be trading on a demo account, not with real money
    • You can watch the lessons whenever you have time, even back
    • You will have a shared discussion forum with other students
    • You will have your own coach at hand!

    Our Team

    Zdenek Zanka

    Author of Project

    Kornel Mazur

    Support & Strategy Development

    Stuart Wilson

    StrategyLAB Guide

    Why we do this?

    Also, we want to disprove some of the myth that is difficult to build profitable strategy
    We want to show you, that you don’t require special talent for trading
    We want to show you, that we can do it in four weeks.