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Algo-Trading Course

29 Aug 2017,

In this offer, you will get StrategyQuant software for three months and intensive online course as a gift. After three months you can rent SQ for another three months or buy a full version.

  • The most comprehensive course of automated strategy development!
  • 56 lessons and more than 10 hours of videos
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Shared discussion forum with all course participants and under the supervision by trading professionals
  • Portfolio of Strategies with verified under real market conditions (results can be found in the articles)
  • Professional software for building automated strategies without programming for 3 months free of charge

In this course, we will focus on automated trading strategies and how to develop them without any programming skills.

We will explain:

  • Fundamentals of trading
  • What are the types of strategies
  • How to build a strategy
  • How to select the best strategy
  • Why is it advantageous to have a portfolio of strategies and how to build it
  • Running strategies on live account and monitoring them

As an extra bonus you will get:

  • Portfolio of profitable strategies with proven track-record
  • Support in a discussion forum

Lessons are discussed in detail and in depth from very basic concepts to the actual use. Even a newbie in trading should be able to understand everything and successfully pass this course.

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Course Materials

Course Content

Lessons Status

Introduction – Overview and basic terminology (6 lessons)


A bit of theory about strategy building (5 lessons)


Data for backtest and how to work with them (2 lessons)


Automated strategy building process (9 lessons)


Strategy robustness testing (15 lessons)


Strategy export and analyzing the results at real or demo account (3 lessons)


Building strategy portfolio (5 lessons)


The last lesson