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Commodity spreads 1: What are commodities and what is interesting about them?

13 Nov 2017,

I have been writing articles for my readers and commodity enthusiasts for two and half years. You will find among them a decent amount of my know-how, my practices, advice, current analyzes, etc. But you have also asked me for the complete basics. I understand that because it is difficult to find those basic ideas in such number of articles. That’s why I have decided to create a comprehensive series of articles on commodities and spreads from the very beginning.

You can find the whole article HERE.


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  1. notch SQ

    Thank you. I look forward eagerly for the next article.

  2. cityguy

    NIce, I like the topic! Do you offer your complete course also in English?

    1. Quastic

      Complete course in English is now being prepared, so please stay tuned.

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