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    No-one is infallible

    15 Jun 2018

    Last week was published the book by M. Batnicka named Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. Last week was published the book by M. Batnicka named Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. It has instantly become a topic for many blogs, tweets, and so on. What it is about? […]

    Investments and the world around us

    11 Jun 2018

    Around me, I have people who are making long term investments, but also people who are more experienced and they trade in the short term, or, for example, the hedge fund managers who invest in millions. Investing is simply my life. But how does the investment world look to a person who does not really […]

    Why active investors should thank to the passive investors?

    1 Jun 2018

    Purchases made by passive investors are starting to significantly affect the stock prices. At the same time, their purchases are not affecting the financial health of companies, their value or anything else. Index Fund buys shares according to their capitalization, no other criterion (except smart beta and alpha seeking funds) is applied. The more people […]

    Weakening yen?

    21 May 2018

    In the Czech Republic, we can often hear debates about strengthening Czech crown, if it helps or do not help local economy. Exporters prefer weaker crown because they will receive more Czech crowns for each euro. On the other hand, importers like stronger crown, since less crown is needed per one euro.   Japan If […]

    Trading psychology from another point of view

    2 May 2018

    I have to admit that last few weeks were very hectic. Lecture on the Money Expo, the release of our book … I did not even manage to write an article last week. It’s time to catch up and start writing again good articles both on professional and business level. This week I decided to […]

    5 ways how to perform market valuation

    2 May 2018

    Very often we can hear that markets are expensive and that it does not pay off to invest in them. The question is, what kind of markets are we considering and how we compare the expensiveness or the cheapness. In this article, I will show you a few tools that can give us a pretty […]

    Where to find reliable free charts and data

    24 Apr 2018

    Following our previous article on how to choose the right timeframe, I would like to share with you some tips for different platforms which can provide you a wide variety of charts for financial instruments: from stocks, forex, ETFs, precious metals to commodity spreads which are at the same time free of charge. Free online […]

    How to choose the right timeframe

    17 Apr 2018

    How to choose the right timeframe In previous works, we have introduced trading styles, basic price action and also classes of indicators. We also know that we can trade any market or candle formation, technical indicators, and we can also trade at a chosen timeframe, thereby increasing or decreasing the frequency of trades. The timeframe […]

    Where to invest your money?

    9 Apr 2018

    If you want to manage your free money by yourself and you do not want to leave the job to financial advisors or investment companies, you need to know in which financial assets you should invest. You simply need to know how to invest your savings, how to invest like a pro. The right allocation […]

    Trading styles

    27 Mar 2018

    Trading methods based on duration In trading, you can choose and trade based on several trading methods that vary particularly by the length of the trades. We recognize several types of trading methods. We start in our article from the shortest ones.   1 # Scalping Scalpers are traders who spend a maximum several minutes […]