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    Price Action

    9 Mar 2018

    Price action means tracking market behavior and evaluating market information. During this trading approach, traders usually do not use indicators. In the previous article on technical analysis, we have divided it into technical indicators and price action, we will now continue with a detailed explanation of the price action trading style. I remember all the […]

    Human capital as the best investment

    5 Mar 2018

    There are many other ways how to invest than just buying and selling shares. For many people the best investment is to develop their own skills – human capital. What is the human capital? In addition to financial capital, there is another type of capital, at the beginning even more important one you can work […]

    Technické indikátory

    Technical analysis

    2 Mar 2018

    In today’s more complex article, I would like to take a look at the technical analysis and some of its aspects. Technical analysis is nothing more than the analysis of the current market price, and we use it to predict future price directions. So, the technical analysis basically a work with the charts. Although technical […]

    Money Management: Basic Pillar of Trading

    23 Feb 2018

    This article isprobably the most important article from our trading series for beginners. Understanding the principles of money management is so important that it forms the basic pillar of successful trading. Trading on the stock market is about risk management. We enter to a trade according to our analysis or based on programmed algorithmic strategies […]

    Leverage 1/2

    9 Feb 2018

    Today’s article is closely connected with the previous article on margin. The leverage is a topic that deserves a broader analysis, so we divide the article into two parts. Leverage is the main reason why CFDs are so popular. We are allowed to trade big positions with small capital. But of course, it has its […]

    What is futures and forex margin and how it can be calculated?

    2 Feb 2018

    Understanding the margin is extremely important in trading, allowing us to work effectively with our capital. To trade individual stock instruments, we need to have enough money in our account. Brokers have their tables where we can learn the minimum and recommended limit for the funds we should have on the trading account. In practice, […]

    Profit target and stop loss

    12 Jan 2018

    Even if you’re just starting out, you’ve probably heard in various forums, articles, and videos about the profit target (PT, sometimes called take profit -TP), and about the stop the loss (SL).   Target Profit Definition: Profit target is the price set on the chart where we plan to exit from the trade. If we […]

    Slippage, gap and chop

    2 Jan 2018

    When trading less liquid markets or trading outside main trading hours, you can meet some “bugbears”. What can actually happen?             Slippage Let’s start with the very popular Nasdaq market. Imagine, you want to enter the market and when the price is on an attractive level, you press the BUY […]

    Trading orders in Metatrader

    8 Dec 2017

    The platform has been set up, we know now how to change the visual settings of the chart, change the timeframe and add the market symbol we want to trade, and we can now focus on Metatrader’s trading orders.         We can enter the market in two ways: Market order – immediately […]

    Metatrader platform and its setup

    24 Nov 2017

    Today we will have a look at the most used trading platform. User´s environment and control is intuitive and clear, from easy installation to easy graphics. Metatrader Installation Installation is not any science, just select the right version for your operating system on the https://www.metatrader4.com/ home page. Or you can download it from your broker. […]