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    Trading psychology from another point of view

    2 May 2018

    I have to admit that last few weeks were very hectic. Lecture on the Money Expo, the release of our book … I did not even manage to write an article last week. It’s time to catch up and start writing again good articles both on professional and business level. This week I decided to […]

    New cryptocurrencies from the investor´s perspective

    6 Mar 2018

    I had been receiving questions about whether to invest in Bitcoins in the last month. Many people also have asked what I think about new cryptocurrencies. I am answering that I honestly do not know because I do not follow ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In general, I perceive them as extremely risky because we cannot see […]

    The Secret of Stable Success on the Markets

    15 Feb 2018

    It’s been 12 years since I first get to the stock exchange. This year, I have celebrated my 31st birthday, and I can say that I do trading my entire life. As soon as I left high school, I got to the markets and stayed with them. With my trading, I have gone through many […]

    Story of a trader who made strategies for millions of dollars

    6 Nov 2017

    Dear friends, If you know me a bit, you know that I have a negative attitude towards signal providers. They usually offer impossible profits in tens of per cent per month, and then it ends. However, there are always exceptions. Today, I have prepared an interview with a friend of mine who has been involved […]

    Trader on holidays? What happened in the meanwhile?

    16 Oct 2017

    Those who are following my posts probably noticed that I have skipped two Mondays and I haven’t been writing for that time. Do not worry, I did not forget about you, I just took my planned holiday. I have my wife and son, his name is Thomas and he’s 15 months old. I have decided […]

    How long is the strategy going to be profitable?

    27 Jul 2017

    I´ve got a question recently: “Mr Zdenek, I have got no experience with automated trading yet. Howeve, I guess automated strategy is going to be profitable only for a few weeks”.   Actually it was not a question, it was the statement. And it´s clear, that the man has no knowledge, nor experience with automated […]

    Forex Robots: 5 steps to reach your goal…

    17 Apr 2017

    …and to overcome the bad or too good periods :). There are times when you are doing very well and when you don´t. It is necessary not to fall into the euphoria when doing too well and not to panic when the markets do not behave as you want. I have 5 tips for you […]

    Trading Robots: Half a year or one hour?

    3 Apr 2017

    We are in 2017 and technologies have advanced a lot in last 20 years, even from a trading point of view. It is already a long time since the algorithm trader was dependent on Excel files. Now there are ways how to work more efficiently. I remember how many years ago I have tested different […]

    7 steps to success in (algo) trading

    2 Mar 2017

    Today I have decided to write an article about the steps leading to the successful algorithm trading, which means to successful trading through robots. Although more it will be a list of “characteristics” that a trader should have or should have been willing to cultivate.   7 steps to success in (algo) trading   Be […]

    Why it is me who is losing on the stock market?

    1 Feb 2017

    How many times have you asked this question? Tens of millions of people are trading on the stock market worldwide, and only 8% of them  are profiting on long-term basis. Are you among them? Or are you among those 92% of the others, who are feeding us, successful traders? If you belong to the 92%, […]