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    New cryptocurrencies from the investor´s perspective

    6 Mar 2018

    I had been receiving questions about whether to invest in Bitcoins in the last month. Many people also have asked what I think about new cryptocurrencies. I am answering that I honestly do not know because I do not follow ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In general, I perceive them as extremely risky because we cannot see […]

    The Secret of Stable Success on the Markets

    15 Feb 2018

    It’s been 12 years since I first get to the stock exchange. This year, I have celebrated my 31st birthday, and I can say that I do trading my entire life. As soon as I left high school, I got to the markets and stayed with them. With my trading, I have gone through many […]

    Story of a trader who made strategies for millions of dollars

    6 Nov 2017

    Dear friends, If you know me a bit, you know that I have a negative attitude towards signal providers. They usually offer impossible profits in tens of per cent per month, and then it ends. However, there are always exceptions. Today, I have prepared an interview with a friend of mine who has been involved […]

    Trader on holidays? What happened in the meanwhile?

    16 Oct 2017

    Those who are following my posts probably noticed that I have skipped two Mondays and I haven’t been writing for that time. Do not worry, I did not forget about you, I just took my planned holiday. I have my wife and son, his name is Thomas and he’s 15 months old. I have decided […]

    How long is the strategy going to be profitable?

    27 Jul 2017

    I´ve got a question recently: “Mr Zdenek, I have got no experience with automated trading yet. Howeve, I guess automated strategy is going to be profitable only for a few weeks”.   Actually it was not a question, it was the statement. And it´s clear, that the man has no knowledge, nor experience with automated […]

    Forex Robots: 5 steps to reach your goal…

    17 Apr 2017

    …and to overcome the bad or too good periods :). There are times when you are doing very well and when you don´t. It is necessary not to fall into the euphoria when doing too well and not to panic when the markets do not behave as you want. I have 5 tips for you […]

    Trading Robots: Half a year or one hour?

    3 Apr 2017

    We are in 2017 and technologies have advanced a lot in last 20 years, even from a trading point of view. It is already a long time since the algorithm trader was dependent on Excel files. Now there are ways how to work more efficiently. I remember how many years ago I have tested different […]

    7 steps to success in (algo) trading

    2 Mar 2017

    Today I have decided to write an article about the steps leading to the successful algorithm trading, which means to successful trading through robots. Although more it will be a list of “characteristics” that a trader should have or should have been willing to cultivate.   7 steps to success in (algo) trading   Be […]

    Why it is me who is losing on the stock market?

    1 Feb 2017

    How many times have you asked this question? Tens of millions of people are trading on the stock market worldwide, and only 8% of them  are profiting on long-term basis. Are you among them? Or are you among those 92% of the others, who are feeding us, successful traders? If you belong to the 92%, […]

    Flash crash, draw down, losses… what the hell I am going to do :(

    7 Oct 2016

    What happened tonight is a massacre and painful thing for many traders. Originally I wanted to write about the conference in Italy, but this has full priority. Great Britain has decided to leave EU in June, and since then, GBP has been busy. It has weakened a lot, but it should not be over… Today […]