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    Trading System for Short Efficient ETFs – Part 6 – Trade Exits

    24 May 2018

    Dear readers and traders, in this part of the option educational series, I would like to continue with speaking about the ineffective ETFs, and in the second part of my article, I would then summarize the development of gas trading on our trading account. That means from theory right away to practice, all within one […]

    Option Trading in Practice – Week 2

    18 May 2018

    Dear readers, as I have announced in the first part of our option trading series, I’m going to tell you how our gas trading has developed in the second week of May. We’ll catch up with time and you’ll always have the next reports on time after signing into your client’s section on Quastic.   […]

    Option Trading in Practice – Week 1

    17 May 2018

    Dear readers and traders, here is the first part of our practical series on gas option trading. This week you will enjoy our reports a bit more than usual, because we have to catch up with time slip. So, I have decided that today I will describe you trading in the first week of May, […]

    Trading inefficient ETFs in practice – Quastic new series

    16 May 2018

    Dear readers, I would like to thank you very much for the huge number of messages and emails I get from you every week. I’m really glad you like our series on how to deal with inefficient ETFs and you already apply these principles in your own trading. I am very happy about that. Many […]