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    What’s behind the growth of Tesla motors shares (TSLA)

    13 Aug 2018

    Tesla’s share trading had been suspended on last Monday for one hour, as the share price jumped by 11% to $ 382. The reason was the announcement by E. Musk about a possible withdrawal of Tesla’s shares from the market.       E. Musk has set the price to $ 420 per share, for […]

    Shares of Facebook in a freefall

    30 Jul 2018

    The reason for the fall of the Facebook stocks in two words: “exaggerated expectations“. On Wednesday, after the trading season has ended, Facebook released quarterly results. While earlier that day, the stocks has reached the new historical high ($ 216.30). The subsequent drop in prices was like a cold shower for traders and investors. Yesterday […]

    Gas: Speculators vs. hedgers: Who’s right?

    23 May 2018

    I have been receiving a lot of questions about the gas lately. Some bear spreads are very tempting due to very favorable seasonality. But there is one problem – COT analysis. Both groups of market participants suggest a different sentiment. That’s why some traders are confused. Which market participants we should actually believe? Today I […]

    KKR is preparing classic stocks

    14 May 2018

    KKR is a private equity company, which became famous in 1988 for the unprecedented takeover of RJR Nabisco for $ 29 billion. A week ago, the company has announced that it will change its structure to a classic “corporate” structure at the beginning of this July, which allows them shares to be traded on stock […]

    Snapchat shares at historical minimums

    7 May 2018

    IPO Last year’s IPO of Snapchat was one of the most followed in the world. The issue price was $ 17, trading on the first day began with a huge investor interest growing up to $ 24. Now these stocks can be bought at half price. Fall A few days ago, the stock price lost […]

    5 ways how to perform market valuation

    2 May 2018

    Very often we can hear that markets are expensive and that it does not pay off to invest in them. The question is, what kind of markets are we considering and how we compare the expensiveness or the cheapness. In this article, I will show you a few tools that can give us a pretty […]

    Is the price of Amazon´s shares endangered?

    13 Apr 2018

    This year, the Amazon shares are pulling up the stock markets in the US. Since the beginning of the year they have grown by 23%. In the last 12 months they have grown by more than 60%. The company is growing and supressing the competition. What is currently the biggest risk? The way of supressing […]

    Is good old Forex about to finish….

    6 Apr 2018

    Or not? I did not want to write this article right after the information have been publish, but I wanted to let the emotions cool down and so I am writing my article with certain delay. I will not discuss in details on what ESMA has announced, since most of you know it. In my […]

    New cryptocurrencies from the investor´s perspective

    6 Mar 2018

    I had been receiving questions about whether to invest in Bitcoins in the last month. Many people also have asked what I think about new cryptocurrencies. I am answering that I honestly do not know because I do not follow ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In general, I perceive them as extremely risky because we cannot see […]

    Technické indikátory

    Technical analysis

    2 Mar 2018

    In today’s more complex article, I would like to take a look at the technical analysis and some of its aspects. Technical analysis is nothing more than the analysis of the current market price, and we use it to predict future price directions. So, the technical analysis basically a work with the charts. Although technical […]