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    Is the price of Amazon´s shares endangered?

    13 Apr 2018

    This year, the Amazon shares are pulling up the stock markets in the US. Since the beginning of the year they have grown by 23%. In the last 12 months they have grown by more than 60%. The company is growing and supressing the competition. What is currently the biggest risk? The way of supressing […]

    Is good old Forex about to finish….

    6 Apr 2018

    Or not? I did not want to write this article right after the information have been publish, but I wanted to let the emotions cool down and so I am writing my article with certain delay. I will not discuss in details on what ESMA has announced, since most of you know it. In my […]

    New cryptocurrencies from the investor´s perspective

    6 Mar 2018

    I had been receiving questions about whether to invest in Bitcoins in the last month. Many people also have asked what I think about new cryptocurrencies. I am answering that I honestly do not know because I do not follow ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In general, I perceive them as extremely risky because we cannot see […]

    Technické indikátory

    Technical analysis

    2 Mar 2018

    In today’s more complex article, I would like to take a look at the technical analysis and some of its aspects. Technical analysis is nothing more than the analysis of the current market price, and we use it to predict future price directions. So, the technical analysis basically a work with the charts. Although technical […]

    The Secret of Stable Success on the Markets

    15 Feb 2018

    It’s been 12 years since I first get to the stock exchange. This year, I have celebrated my 31st birthday, and I can say that I do trading my entire life. As soon as I left high school, I got to the markets and stayed with them. With my trading, I have gone through many […]

    Interview with investor and trader Jakub Bezděkovský

    6 Feb 2018

    Today I have prepared an interview with Jakub Bezděkovský. Jakub has graduated from the University of Economics, he has been trading for over ten years, and during his studies, he made vocational certificate as a chef just to have a fun and went to cook for six months in London. When it comes to trading, […]

    Always mind the confirmation bias!

    16 Jan 2018

    Do you know what is the confirmation bias? Each of us has witnessed it at least several time during our lives.     What is the information bias? It simply means that we tend to prefer information that confirms our own opinion. Typically, it is happening during the elections. For example, there were many people […]

    Four parts of my portfolio

    15 Jan 2018

    During the holidays, I try to stick to one principle – avoid watching the markets, take a break from all the charts, analyses, and various information. But I am trying to take it easy. So it has happened also this year. From my previous analyses made before Christmas, I had some interesting opportunities marked. Therefore, […]

    Gold: Is it still worth buying?

    10 Jan 2018

    Precious metals again did not disappoint me at the end of the year. In December, they began to grow rapidly, as it is usually at the end of the year. We were expecting this as you could see in the Spread Report, where we have analysed in detail the silver with the expectation of the […]

    VIDEO from Cyprus: What does the FX brokers´ Mecca look like?

    9 Jan 2018

    It’s been a few months since I went to Cyprus with my colleague. We were visiting Roboforex brokerage and the owner took us around Cyprus and showed us the headquarters of different brokers. So, you have a unique opportunity to see how does Cyprus actually looks when it comes to forex brokers. It’s a real […]