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    Commodity Spreads 13: How to correctly build an interdelivery spread

    20 Apr 2018

    In today’s part of our series, I would like to basically sum up everything we have discussed so far. We will look in detail at the very popular corn market and the spreads that can be traded here. We will find out which combinations of spreads will be the most advantageous in our case.   […]

    Commodity spreads 12: How can you earn on non-trending markets?

    14 Mar 2018

    You may think that this is not possible when you are reading the headline of this article. Something that does not move cannot make you money. But it is really possible, when it comes to interdelivery spreads. Of course, it is necessary to fully understand the principle of spread behavior as well as the structure […]

    Commodity Spreads 11: What shows the contango histogram?

    28 Feb 2018

    We have really learned a lot in the past ten parts of our series on commodity spreads. We already understand what spreads are, how are they traded, and how to build your own strategy based on the current market situation. Great. Today I am going to explain a slightly more advanced thing that I use […]

    Commodity Spreads 10: Bull spreads vs. Bear spreads

    14 Feb 2018

    If you have get to this lesson and all the previous ones are clear to you, please accept my congratulation. Now you are ready to create your own spread without any help.     In the last part of the series, I have revealed that the spot price acts as a magnet on the term […]

    Commodity Spreads 9: Spot Price

    7 Feb 2018

    In the last part of our spread series, I have made a teaser for spread building. However, I have realized, that we haven´t understood yet one very important thing – the convergence of futures contracts to the spot price. This is a key element to understand the direction of the spread movement.   What we […]

    Commodity Spreads 8: How it is possible that the spreads are changing?

    31 Jan 2018

    In the last part of our series, we have explained a very important thing – interdelivery spreads are basically a form of hedging. And thanks to this, we can trade them at a lower risk compared to futures contracts. That’s great. But we still must understand how we can earn from this type of spread? […]

    Commodity spreads 7: Why are the interdelivery spreads traded with lower risk?

    19 Jan 2018

    From previous lessons, we already know everything so we can move on to the most important characteristics of the commodity spreads trading – precisely the interdelivery spreads – that is a lower risk than in the case of trading futures. Also, as an additional benefit, we can count on the lower margin. Today we’ll explain […]

    Commodity spreads 6: How to trade commodity spreads?

    17 Jan 2018

    Welcome to another part of our spread series. We already know quite a lot of things. We know what are commodities and spreads, we have revealed what is behind the existence of the spreads, we have explained what is contango and backwardation. But we still must explain one important thing – how to trade the […]

    Commodity spreads 5: Contango vs. backwardation?

    20 Dec 2017

    In the last part of our series, we have revealed the most important thing to understand commodity spreads – we have learned how they can exist. If you understand it, you are ready to move on.   Contango We have already explained this market situation. It is a so-called normal market – everything goes as […]

    Commodity Spreads 4: Why the interdelivery spreads exist?

    19 Dec 2017

    In the last part of the series about commodity spreads, we have defined what is the spread and what types of spreads we have. Today we will look closer to interdelivery spreads because this type of spreads is perfectly suited to my account size and my risk tolerance. We will get to the benefits of […]