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    Proven Forex Strategy: Description and Results

    20 Feb 2018

    I prepared for you the description of the strategy that has been successfully running over the last 21 months on real forex account. I will show how it looks, how it trades, what are its profits, and what distinguishes it from strategies that are not profitable. Risk management In general, I trade strategies with a […]

    The Secret of Stable Success on the Markets

    15 Feb 2018

    It’s been 12 years since I first get to the stock exchange. This year, I have celebrated my 31st birthday, and I can say that I do trading my entire life. As soon as I left high school, I got to the markets and stayed with them. With my trading, I have gone through many […]

    How was the conference in Hong Kong?

    30 Jan 2018

    I spent last week in Hong Kong at the iFX expo conference. It is one of the largest conferences in the world focused on B2B sector. Therefore, it was not meant for retail traders but for the company owners from the given sector. This brings one major advantage – you see the development of the […]

    Tips for reducing Metatrader 4 CPU usage on VPS

    23 Jan 2018

    Metatrader can take a lot of CPU resources because it does some extra operations that we do not need in order to run our automated strategies on VPS and this, of course, increases heavily the VPS usage. It renders charts, downloads unnecessarily long data, unused symbols, plays notifications and other features that are not necessary […]

    How was the year 2017?

    2 Jan 2018

    January is here. The year 2017 has just finished and we are the beginning of 2018. This year will be the breaking one and I’m very curious what it will bring us. I was off during Christmas, so our blog had a shorter break as well. This year, we are celebrating ten years since the […]

    What will bring the Hong Kong conference?

    18 Dec 2017

    I am quite often going to the foreign conferences. It is always interesting to see other traders as well as the mentality which is different from the Czech one. European mentality differs from the Asian one and it is reflected also in the trading approach. This spring we had been to a conference in China, […]

    Automated Trading 10: How to achieve your goals?

    13 Dec 2017

    In the previous nine works, we have gone through the wider fundamentals of the automated strategies development, and today we will discuss how to proceed further. How to reach your goal and how to achieve success. Automated trading has one huge advantage – it is much less demanding for a psyche, which is a real […]

    Tips for safe VPS operation with Metatrader 4

    12 Dec 2017

    In today’s article, I will show you how, with a few tricks, we can secure our VPS, where our real accounts are running. This is the reason why we need to prevent our server from being hit by potential attackers. I know from my own practice that if you have opened a VPS port for […]

    Automated Trading 9: Why you should not put all eggs into one basket?

    5 Dec 2017

    Even beginning investors know that the basic lesson of stock trading is: diversification. It means that I do not buy just one title, but I buy more of them – and I am creating a portfolio. Forex and futures traders do not usually keep this rule. And that’s a mistake. Let me tell you today […]

    Automated trading 8: Why just a backtest is not enough?

    28 Nov 2017

    Backtests simply simulate our strategies on historical data. You can then see how the strategy would behave a month ago, a year ago, or a hundred years ago. Having a good backtest is important. It will help us understand what we can expect from the strategy, whether it is profitable at all, how much it […]