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    How was the year 2017?

    2 Jan 2018

    January is here. The year 2017 has just finished and we are the beginning of 2018. This year will be the breaking one and I’m very curious what it will bring us. I was off during Christmas, so our blog had a shorter break as well. This year, we are celebrating ten years since the […]

    Automated Trading 9: Why you should not put all eggs into one basket?

    5 Dec 2017

    Even beginning investors know that the basic lesson of stock trading is: diversification. It means that I do not buy just one title, but I buy more of them – and I am creating a portfolio. Forex and futures traders do not usually keep this rule. And that’s a mistake. Let me tell you today […]

    Automated trading 8: Why just a backtest is not enough?

    28 Nov 2017

    Backtests simply simulate our strategies on historical data. You can then see how the strategy would behave a month ago, a year ago, or a hundred years ago. Having a good backtest is important. It will help us understand what we can expect from the strategy, whether it is profitable at all, how much it […]

    Automated Trading 7: How to Get a Quality Data

    22 Nov 2017

    In the last article, we have talked about 3 steps that are important for building quality strategies. In the next articles, we will have a look at them in details, and today we will start with the data. What kind of data do we need? Why are the MT4 data not the best choice and […]

    Automated Trading 6: Three Steps to Profitable Strategies

    13 Nov 2017

    In the previous articles, we have been talking about what are automated strategies, whether this method is also suitable for beginners, about the methods for building strategies, how the automated strategy works, and in the last article we have looked at the achievable results and goals. Today we will move towards the practice and we […]