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What will bring the Hong Kong conference?

18 Dec 2017,

I am quite often going to the foreign conferences. It is always interesting to see other traders as well as the mentality which is different from the Czech one. European mentality differs from the Asian one and it is reflected also in the trading approach. This spring we had been to a conference in China, which brought many interesting insights. In January, that means in one month we will fly to Hong Kong. Why have we decided to go there? First, let´s say something about the conference.

What will be the Hong Kong conference about?

The iFX conference is not a standard conference, where everyone can go, it is a B2B conference, for the owners of the companies. Thanks to it, you can get many important information before they will get out to other trades. All the technical news, trends in artificial intelligence, all this you can learn before the others. In addition, you can talk to people working in the center of these systems, and that gives you a lot of great insights. Isn´t that great? More than 3500 people will attend this conference and that makes it the largest conference in Asia.

I am really looking forward, and I really wonder what new ideas it will bring. For sure, I will bring you a video report from this event and I will share my experiences with you! I guess you know why I’m now going to be there. I cannot miss this!

The second level of the conference

The conference has more levels for me – not just news from the field of trading and talking to people from the field, but also the city itself. Those of you who were in Hong Kong, can surely confirm that it’s a fascinating city. I will be there for the third time, and certainly not for the last time. I really like it. It’s a concrete jungle, but its atmosphere is fantastic! If you will be also there, please write me and I will be happy to meet you there.


If you would like more information about the conference, check out www.ifxexpo.com.

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