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Trading robots: How Donald will be traded by them?

9 Nov 2016,

One of the most anticipated event of this year, US presidential elections are behind us. So let’s have a look what it brought to us.


Again it has shown that there is nothing sure in the markets. Trump should have been the worst candidate and he should not win at all, the propaganda around him was so massive that even Stalin had something to learn :). But what happen – instead of nervousness and VIX at 30, VIX has fallen by 15 points. Probably it has fallen together with stone from our hearts, as the traders didn´t know what to expect after the elections. But on the other hand how can one be surprised when the Simpsons knew it will happen already in 2000 :).


Automated strategies

If something has made my day, then indexes :). Such a beautiful fall and then grow, it’s a dream. Robots went beautifully into trading positions and I’m out, I have beautiful positions for the stocks (also through trading robots), DAX opened up with a strong GAP, robot jumped into a position and went for a nice profit. With robots you do not care where the market will go. In short, you will wait for volatility and go for profit. And the best thing is that I built the whole portfolio without need to program it. I love trading :).


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