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The development of the StrategyQuant 4 is over!

17 Jul 2018,

In this article I have two news for you – one bad and one good.

Let’s start the bad one. StrategyQuant 4 development has finished. Probably a shock, huh? But do not worry, it’s not that serious :).




StrategyQuant 4 is dead, long live StrategyQuant X!

Experienced computer users already know where I am heading with the headline. StrategyQuant will be running under the name StrategyQuant X, we have just renamed it.


There are two reasons.

Reason 1 – the title itself

I often mention that we have a strong position in Asia where we also often do our lectures. And number 4 is an unfortunate number for many Asian cultures. If you know a little of Chinese language, you know they have so-called tones. Thus, one word has 4 meanings (in the Cantonese dialect up to 9 meanings) according to the tone with which you pronounce it. Number 4 is pronounced “sz” with the tone straight, ie sideways. Pronounced with a decreasing tone means death. And Asians are very superstitious about this.

Reason 2 – Current trends in SW development

The second reason is basically more important than the first one. Today, new versions of software are not having numbers, but builds. Today, you have Avast, without a number. MacOS made this decision long time ago, perhaps as one of the first. This way we decided to go too. There will not be versions 5, 6, etc. There will be only StrategyQuant.


StrategyQuant – News

With the new build, released on Friday, July 13, a number of new features have been added. Let’s look at them.

New languages ​​and new skin

We added the Czech language and also the ability to switch SQ to dark skin.

Improved strategy searching process

We are currently working hard on the research engine, a part of the program that searches for new strategies. The current version has many new indicators, features, trading methods …

It has much bigger flexibility, which brings both advantages – a greater variability of strategies – but also disadvantages. The major disadvantage is that with such possibilities there is an increasing number of bad strategies and the searching process is slower. Our team is currently working on an algorithm that improves research. So, it will be easier to find good strategies. This is important because otherwise you could wait for a good strategy for a long time. Current developments have made progress and the searching engine is better, but we are still working intensively, so you can look forward to further improvements.

Many bugs are fixed

We have also fixed dozens of small bugs, which I will not describe here :). Since those were more details than essential things. More important was that the backtest of strategies imported from SQ3 was different, since the architecture was different. We have solved this and the backtests should be now ok.



How will StrategyQuant develop in the future?

We are also working on development and there are three main challenges ahead:

Improved Searching of the Strategies

We are also working on improved strategy searching engine, which for us is a very important point.

Debugging process

There are still some mistakes from time to time. We are still tuning up the software. Especially with your support because you are telling us about everything you find, and that helps us do everything faster.

Futures support

Currently, StrategyQuant supports MT4 and MT5. Still we need to add futures – platforms tradestation, multicharts and ninjatrader.

At the moment, we are doing everything according to the plan, so I personally believe that by the end of summer we can manage everything as planned. Together with this, a new course will come out, and you often ask us about it. We are already preparing the structure, we are testing a lot … You have something to look forward to.

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