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StrategyQuant 4 and historical data for Bitcoin, indices and other markets …

4 Jun 2018,

Imagine software where you can download data just with a few  clicks  of mouse and use them for backtests without any programming needs. Or let a software to search for the strategies automatically. That’s exactly how we made the new StrategyQuant.

On Friday 1.6. we released the next version of StrategyQuant 4. The work is now advancing fast, so we publish a new version every 2 week and it is not just a beta version but so-called RC version, that is a candidate for official release.

In this article I will discuss how SQ4 works with data which is very important for every trader.

Historical data of bitcoin and other markets

I am receiving many questions on bitcoin data, so I wrote it in the headline :). In the new SQ4, we care about simplifying the data handling. We’ve brought some great improvements:

  • More data available (curently 73 markets – indices, currencies, commodities …)
  • Downloadable directly from our CDN (up to 9 times faster downloading)
  • Ability to download M1 data without the need to download tick data
  • Data manager is built into SQ4, so you do not have to use separate software to download data

The new version thus replaces Tick Downloader and SQ users will no longer need it.

The entire download process looks like this:

Download Data in StrategyQuant4 – including indices, Bitcoin and other markets … (Source: StrategyQuant 4)

And, of course, you may not only download data but also export and use them in MT4 or MT5 for a backtest.

How to download data in StrategyQuant 4

SQ4 data workflow is simple, I’ll show you how to do it.

Step 1 – Switch to data manager (on left side)

Step 2 – Add a symbol

Click on the Ducascopy data and then on the Add Dukascopy data symbol

Step 3 – Select the symbol and then click save

Steps 2 and 3 look like this:

A few clicks and a new market is added (source: StrategyQuant 4)

Then we need to download the data:

Step 1 – I select the market for which I want to download the data in the list of markets (tick the check box on the left)

Step 2 – Download the data

Click on Ducascopy data and then on Download data for existing symbol

Step 3 – Set parameters

The time period of the data, whether tick or M1, whether from our CDN (faster downloads) or directly from Dukascopy …

Step 4 – Click to start download

When the download starts, on the right hand side I can see how the data is being downloaded. It is usually very fast, in this case it took 15 minutes to download the EURJPY M1 data for 15 years.

I think we managed to improve our work with data very much. We have a source of high-quality data. These are important for quality backtests and for all other tests. Without quality data you will not build quality strategy, so this part is important :-).

There are 73 markets available, which is a really big collection.

StrategyQuant 4 release  is approaching

In the next articles, I’ll show you exactly what you can work with these data and how.

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