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Nice experience from my seminar in Singapore

7 Dec 2016,

Recently I have returned from Asia where I had a series of lectures together with my colleague and I would like to share my experience from Singapore with you. I wish it would have work in the same way also in the whole world :).

The first seminar was held in Singapore. Approximately 60 people arrived and the atmosphere was nice. Luckily everyone speaks English in Singapore :).


What I want to write about happened after the seminar.

We went for a beer together with few participants to discuss trading ideas and other things. We sat down at the table, ordered the whole bunch of beers and started to debate. And the two persons sitting at nearby table became alerted. In a while they came to our table, they were traders too. In addition they did also seminars, but in a completely different area of trading.

Used to Czech manners I was already thinking about their reaction. To my surprise there was no “I will show you who´s the king”.

Instead came sincere interest in the trading we do, how we can work together and share experiences. Eventually, there was couple of hours of a super talk about the area of trading I knew just from talks of others.

This is something I am missing in the Czech Republic, where I live. This is also the reason, why I so love Asia and why I focus my education to other countries. I am not native English speaker, but people all over the world are so nice!

Little bit of outline thinking, looking to the future, look at things positively and from wider contexts, common respect. Trading is nice, and when you manage to build communities of cooperating traders from different areas, it’s even nicer. There are so many trading styles around and who does only his own things is losing pretty lot :).

Thanks for this experience, it pushes me forward!

And I wish to all trades to realize this (not only to those from Singapore).

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