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How to start with Automated Trading Systems (ATS)?

10 Jul 2018,

Some time ago I wrote an article about 4 methods of building automated trading strategies. Today, I will look at this topic from a different perspective and I will tell you what steps you need to follow to make your automated trading successful.

Automated trading systems (ATS) are also suitable for beginners, but you must be willing to give it something more:).


5 steps to successful automated trading systems

Over the last 6 years, I’ve been working hard on ATS and thousands of students from 95 countries have passed under my hands, I’ve put together 5 steps each trader must go through. Whether he or she likes it or not :).

Step 1 – the decision

There are many myths about automated trading systems. The first step is often the hardest – decision to start working with ATS.

I had been avoiding ATS for many years because of prejudices, but in the end, I have started to work with them and I like it. They really gave me a lot – especially time. Suddenly I need 6 times less time for trading compared to the times when I traded manually. And I can invest my time in other activities,  for example into my son Tomas, who will be celebrating two years now.

Step 2 – Collecting information

You surely know this – once you decide something, you will be overwhelmed with enthusiasm. You start collecting information. often opposite … You can find articles, discussions, courses …

However, the information needs to be filtered because not everything is good. Personally, I would recommend taking information from discussion forums with a very big reserve, because there everyone can anonymously publish what he wants, although he does not know much about trading and about ATS especially:).

Step 3 – Learning process

This is the best part :). You read something, you buy a course, you start studying, building strategies, testing … This is the time when you are going incredibly forward. You are taking a lot of new information, seeing what works and what does not work, you learn …

I went through this phase in 2012 and 2013. I had the great advantage of having many years of experience as a discretionary trader. If I would not have it, learning would take me more time. You can do it in 6 to 12 months if you really do the test as shown in the course.

Step 4 – Transition to the practice

Once you have the first strategy ready, you are going to the practical stage, ie real account testing. From the beginning on a small position, then you gradually add size and enlarge the trades, but this already depends on your capital.

In this part you discover yourself – you have to learn how to keep going, do not modify your trades, you will also notice the differences in the psyche because trading through automated strategies is generally less demanding.

This part is a real challenge for the traders, but the best one – it’s the biggest step to success.

Step 5 – Working on Yourself and Strategies

As soon as you do the practice, you will find out where your gaps are, and you start working with them. Get rid of your bad habits, build and improve strategies, build capital …

This last step never ends. Until you will trade, until then you are working on yourself and building your trading :). And you are on your way to success.

At the end

Automated strategies and trading on the stock market are a beautiful business. You have no competition, employees, everything is up to you and your ability to learn and to put everything into practice. Once you’ve done that, you have a great trader’s path ahead, I am walking on this path for 12 years and I will not change it! I’m so glad I became a trader!

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