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What are the computer requirements to run StrategyQuant?

20 Oct 2017,

You often ask me about the computer you should buy for working with SQ. In this article, I’d like to summarize some facts to make the whole topic more clear.

Let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions.

Notebook or Workstation?

It depends on the purpose of your computer, whether it is for 24/7 traffic and you need high performance or you just need more powerful workstation. Cheaper notebooks are definitely not built for operating 24/7.

Therefore, if your computer should run nonstop, I would recommend a desktop PC or server. If you just do some additional tests and you need to be mobile, then I recommend a laptop. In case you need high performance, the workstation will also be cheaper solution.

New or refurbished?

This is what everyone has to consider by himself, but the refurbished computers are often as much as half cheaper and the retailer is still offering some kind of warranty, between 6-12 months for the purchase. Therefore refurbished computer may not be the wrong choice.

What CPU and how much RAM should I have?

Minimum recommended configuration:

Dual core – i3, 8 GB of RAM 250 GB free hard disk space. For StrategyQuant program, the RAM size is important, so do not underestimate it.

The ideal configuration is a dual core processor PC with 32 GB RAM or more. Such a station is recommended, but only when you are 100% determined to develop StrategyQuant strategies.

Nowadays, refurbished stations can be purchased for reasonable prices and there is no need to compile them at home. Personally, I bought several servers and so far and without any problems.

Here are some pages where you can buy used workstation:



It does not mean that the weaker computer cannot build strategies, but a more powerful computer will speed it up significantly.

Which type of operating system to choose?

I recommend 64 bit operating system, for home use I recommend using Windows Professional. This version allows remote desktop settings, so you can connect remotely to your PC.


If you are building strategies with StrategyQuant, you just need a relatively ordinary notebook where you can build the strategy and get everything done without the need for investment. If you really get lot of passion for building strategies, you can get a powerful workstation and work faster. The powerful server is an extra bonus, although good portfolio can be built without it.

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  1. yuchunf8@gmail.com

    Dear Tomáš Vaněk , I want to upgrade my computer for SQ, Do you know which CUP AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or Intel Core I7-7700 has better performance for SQ ?

    1. Zdenek Zanka

      Hi, Intel Core i7 is a better choice. AMD CPUs are not so good in general.

      1. yuchunf8@gmail.com


      1. yuchunf8@gmail.com


  2. John

    A good computer is made of pieces that perform better and faster.

    1. Tomáš Vaněk

      I agree but it depends for what you need and how much money you want spend for that 😉

  3. Andrea

    Hi, i7 is so much better than i5? this difference is significant?

    1. Tomáš Vaněk

      Hello, it depends on specific CPU. I can’t say in general. You can compare on this site https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare.php 😉

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