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Automated trading 5: Results that can be achieved and how to set your goals

7 Nov 2017,

Whether we are trading or doing other business, it is important to set our goals. If we do not have target, we don´t know where we are going and we can hardly get there.

Setting goals has one more important aspect – it must be real. I have experienced a lot of people who set their goals, but they never get there. From a certain point, there is a better chance of winning in sport championship than creating a second Facebook, etc. So let’s talk about how to set goals and what we can achieve in real terms.


How to set our goals?

First, set your goals to be achievable and well defined. To say, for example, “I want to be a billionaire,” is useless setting of the goal, it will not help us to plan our way.

It’s much better to say, “I’m going to start with 2000 USD, I’m in process of learning how to trade and I am building my first portfolio this year, I’ll try to make profit of 50% a year and add 2000 USD each year to the account. Within X years I will have enough capital to become professional trader. ” Do you see the difference? This goal defines what we have to do and what steps we should take. And we know where we are.

However, as I have already wrote, the goal must be real and this is related to realistic results.

What are the results we actually achieve?

What are realistically achievable annual profits? 30%? 50%? 500% or more? What do you think?

The reality is that many traders have unreal point of view on what can be achieved. Brokers like to show how someone has managed 500% a month, sellers of trading robots build strategies to make huge profits while not looking at the risks …

Every market has its limits and it’s not about whether we know how to achieve them or not, simply said there are some results that can be achieved in principle. And then, there are results that cannot be achieved.

Realistically achievable results are tens of percent per year. I know a couple (really single persons) of top traders who manage tens of percent to 100% per year. But it is an extreme and it is very challenging to achieve such results in the long-term horizons. Here I’m just pointing out that long-term results mean years, not two weeks or a month. But if you have patience and you are careful, you can make gain in tens of per cent per year.

How to build a decent capital?

You may think you have too little capital and dozens of percent a year are not enough. So how do you build capital to keep trading?

Basically, it’s not that hard. I advise to proceed the same way I did it – step by step :).

Focus on building you capital. Take each month some money aside and add it to your account. The effect of the snowball is fantastic, and the account grows more and more over time. For example, if you start with 2000 USD, and you will earn 30% a year and add another 2000 USD every year, in the next ten years your account will reach balance of more than 50 000 USD. Go ahead this way and you have a great chance to really reach your goals!


Trading is (among other things) about two things – learning to achieve reasonable profit and capital building . If you connect this together, then you will achieve your dreams and goals.

Next time, we will look at the concrete steps that will bring you profitable strategies.

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