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5 ways how to enhance the StrategyQuant performance

14 Sep 2017,

In this article, I have some tips about how to improve the StrategyQuant performance.

Use the SSD disk

If you have the SSD disk, you should use it. It accelerates not only StrategyQaunt, but the whole PC. The SSD disk allows to write and read up to 10 times faster than your regular hard disk and up to 20 times faster than your notebook hard disk. And that’s a noticeable improvement of the performance!


Assign multiple threads to the StrategyQuant

In settings you can set multiple threads to your SQ. Always leave one thread allocated for Windows.

How to set multiple threads?

1 – Go to tools -> options

2 – Click on the performance tab and add as many threads as you have available, except one that you need to leave for Windows.

Assign more memory to your StrategyQuant

If you have more RAM, it’s also worth adding it to the StrategyQuant.

To add a larger memory to SQ, right-click on the SQ shortcut that you can find on the desktop, then click on “properties” and add this parameter:

“-J-server -J-Xmx17g -J-XX: + DisableExplicitGC -J-XX: + AggressiveOpts -J-XX: + UseSerialGC”.

The whole line will look like this:

“C: \ StrategyQuant \ StrategyQuant64.exe (ie the folder where SQ is installed) -J-server -J-Xmx17g -J-XX: + DisableExplicitGC -J-XX: + AggressiveOpts -J-XX: + UseSerialGC”.


This parameter -J-Xmx17g says the SQ will use 17GB of RAM. Decrease the memory based on how much you want to allocate to SQ . If you want to allocate 4GB, then the parameter will be -J-Xmx4g.

If you have a very powerful computer, you can create RAMDISK

For example, if you have a computer with tens of GB RAM, consider creating a RAMDISK. RAMDISK is a virtual disk that is held in the RAM memory. It has a very high performance. For more information, please refer to the Internet or ask for an expert advice. However, if you do not have at least 32 GB of RAM, you should not try it.


Run SQ multiple times on one computer

If you have a very powerful computer, you can benefit from running SQ multiple times. You can then build multi-market strategies, multiple TFs, etc. The principle is simple – you can install SQ on the PC several times, or just copy the folder where you have SQ installed.

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