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Profit from the state of the market

19 Jun 2018

If you trade an event, you have to be right nearly about everything, not just the market situation. Your timing has to be perfect, which is not always the case. Fortunately, there is an easier way how to trade. Instead of trading the event, you can trade the state of the market! Let’s take a […]

No-one is infallible

15 Jun 2018

Last week was published the book by M. Batnicka named Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. Last week was published the book by M. Batnicka named Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. It has instantly become a topic for many blogs, tweets, and so on. What it is about? […]

Option trading in practice – Week 6

14 Jun 2018

Dear Readers and traders, in today’s article – which is also a trading report for the last week trading, I would like to summarize events of the last week’s trading and also analyse the first week of pair strategy trading (double short) on gas-related ETFs.   Summary of the week There has been a slight […]

Investments and the world around us

11 Jun 2018

Around me, I have people who are making long term investments, but also people who are more experienced and they trade in the short term, or, for example, the hedge fund managers who invest in millions. Investing is simply my life. But how does the investment world look to a person who does not really […]

Option Trading in Practice – Week 5

7 Jun 2018

Dear readers and traders, in today’s article you will find both a summary of last week gas trading and a demonstration of a new trading approach – a pair trade (or a double short ETF). I have already written about this kind of trades in the past as a possible alternative approach for trading inefficient […]

Analyzing contango histogram: Are you doing it correctly?

6 Jun 2018

We have added the contango histogram to the SpreadCharts two years ago. At that time, it was a great innovation that, as expected, kicked out a huge interest of traders. I have also explained our histogram in my articles. Histogram has become a helpful tool for many traders, which is of course a great pleasure […]

StrategyQuant 4 and historical data for Bitcoin, indices and other markets …

4 Jun 2018

Imagine software where you can download data just with a few  clicks  of mouse and use them for backtests without any programming needs. Or let a software to search for the strategies automatically. That’s exactly how we made the new StrategyQuant. On Friday 1.6. we released the next version of StrategyQuant 4. The work is now […]

Why active investors should thank to the passive investors?

1 Jun 2018

Purchases made by passive investors are starting to significantly affect the stock prices. At the same time, their purchases are not affecting the financial health of companies, their value or anything else. Index Fund buys shares according to their capitalization, no other criterion (except smart beta and alpha seeking funds) is applied. The more people […]

Option Trading in Practice –- Week 4

31 May 2018

Dear Readers and Traders, in this article I want to make the summary of our gas option trading and in the second part I have some news for you. As I mentioned in the introductory part of this series, our goal is to show you our trading even when we are failing, when the market […]

How to start investing on the market that has been growing for 9 years..

28 May 2018

Stock markets have been growing in the US for 9 years. The question is how long they can grow. We have partly touched this question in the article about market valuation. Today I will focus on the beginning investors who want to invest funds now, and they may be afraid that the market will drop […]