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7 steps to success in (algo) trading

2 Mar 2017

Today I have decided to write an article about the steps leading to the successful algorithm trading, which means to successful trading through robots. Although more it will be a list of “characteristics” that a trader should have or should have been willing to cultivate.   7 steps to success in (algo) trading   Be […]

Are you looking only for the profit? Than you might be doing a mistake…

15 Feb 2017

There are two points how to see profit in trading (no matter if you are trading discretely or with the trading automats). Most of the less experienced traders are interested only in one of them, and the AOS sellers are abusing this. Let me show you how to avoid this trap. Profit based on closed […]

Why it is me who is losing on the stock market?

1 Feb 2017

How many times have you asked this question? Tens of millions of people are trading on the stock market worldwide, and only 8% of them  are profiting on long-term basis. Are you among them? Or are you among those 92% of the others, who are feeding us, successful traders? If you belong to the 92%, […]

What is a meta strategy?

18 Jan 2017

Have you ever heard about it? Probably not and I am not surprised as it is not well known method, despite the fact it is the method that is at least partially uses by every algorithm trader. Its testing does not even have to be demanding. Let’s look at it as it is good to […]

OOS Data – How to build Reliable Strategies

3 Jan 2017

Finding a profitable strategy is not difficult, but that is not enough. Not only must be the strategy profitable, it must also bring the profit in the future. Step by step we will have a look on how to build trustable strategies. In the first part we will focus on OOS data, which means Out […]

Nice experience from my seminar in Singapore

7 Dec 2016

Recently I have returned from Asia where I had a series of lectures together with my colleague and I would like to share my experience from Singapore with you. I wish it would have work in the same way also in the whole world :). The first seminar was held in Singapore. Approximately 60 people […]

Trading robots: How Donald will be traded by them?

9 Nov 2016

One of the most anticipated event of this year, US presidential elections are behind us. So let’s have a look what it brought to us. Volatility Again it has shown that there is nothing sure in the markets. Trump should have been the worst candidate and he should not win at all, the propaganda around […]

Flash crash, draw down, losses… what the hell I am going to do :(

7 Oct 2016

What happened tonight is a massacre and painful thing for many traders. Originally I wanted to write about the conference in Italy, but this has full priority. Great Britain has decided to leave EU in June, and since then, GBP has been busy. It has weakened a lot, but it should not be over… Today […]

How to find time for trading?

9 Sep 2016

To become successful in trading, the discipline and mental skills are important, this is nothing new. But there is one more thing that will help you to boost your success up. It is not a secret that the best traders are people who have achieved success also in their professional life. It’s not about contacts, […]

Summer is boring…

3 Aug 2016

It’s summer, the markets are ruled by boredom with just a few exceptions and volatility went on vacation to Hawaii or somewhere. When I look at ATR for EUR/USD, D1, I can see that exactly that the break came on first July and volatility fell from 0.015 to 0.0075, that means to 50%. Of course, […]