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Technical Indicators: Categories and Types

16 Mar 2018

Technical indicators are the first thing that newcomers are trying right after installing the trading platform. No wonder, I was fascinated by their spell too. The biggest problem of indicators isn´t that there are too many of them and each of them can be changed and individually set according to preferences, the biggest problem is […]

Alternative approaches to short inefficient ETF – pair trading (1/3)

15 Mar 2018

Dear readers, in today’s article I want to introduce you to a slightly different approach of trading ETF inefficiencies. So, let’s take a short break from the option constructions. First, I would like to follow p with the article in which I have described a very basic approach – direct ETF short. However, as I […]

Commodity spreads 12: How can you earn on non-trending markets?

14 Mar 2018

You may think that this is not possible when you are reading the headline of this article. Something that does not move cannot make you money. But it is really possible, when it comes to interdelivery spreads. Of course, it is necessary to fully understand the principle of spread behavior as well as the structure […]

Proven Forex Strategy: Backtest on historical data

13 Mar 2018

In the last article, I showed you the results of a strategy that has been making profit for 21 months. As I have promised, we look at it in details- how it was created, tested, what are its historical results … Let’s go through part of it today.   Strategy Results As I have mentioned […]

Stop paying excessive investment fees

12 Mar 2018

Do you know how much you pay or you have paid on fees when you invest your money? If not, you should. Always. In today’s article, we analyze the fees we must pay attention to and we will talk about how large the fees should be in proportion to our investment. As you may know […]

Price Action

9 Mar 2018

Price action means tracking market behavior and evaluating market information. During this trading approach, traders usually do not use indicators. In the previous article on technical analysis, we have divided it into technical indicators and price action, we will now continue with a detailed explanation of the price action trading style. I remember all the […]

Option Strategies for Shorting Inefficient ETFs – Summary

8 Mar 2018

In this article, I would like to make small summary and comparison of the option strategies discussed so far, and that can be used to short – speculate on the decline (not only) of the inefficient ETFs. I would like to mention their advantages, disadvantages and compare the situations when they can be used.   […]

Cheap spread on corn

7 Mar 2018

If you’re interested in buying something, whether it’s food or electronics, you’re definitely looking for a quality at a good price. The same applies to trading. I am personally looking for “quality” inter-delivery spreads at the best price. And sometimes we can actually find situations that meet both these conditions at the same time. At […]

New cryptocurrencies from the investor´s perspective

6 Mar 2018

I had been receiving questions about whether to invest in Bitcoins in the last month. Many people also have asked what I think about new cryptocurrencies. I am answering that I honestly do not know because I do not follow ICO (Initial Coin Offering). In general, I perceive them as extremely risky because we cannot see […]

Human capital as the best investment

5 Mar 2018

There are many other ways how to invest than just buying and selling shares. For many people the best investment is to develop their own skills – human capital. What is the human capital? In addition to financial capital, there is another type of capital, at the beginning even more important one you can work […]