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Weakening yen?

21 May 2018

In the Czech Republic, we can often hear debates about strengthening Czech crown, if it helps or do not help local economy. Exporters prefer weaker crown because they will receive more Czech crowns for each euro. On the other hand, importers like stronger crown, since less crown is needed per one euro.   Japan If […]

Option Trading in Practice – Week 2

18 May 2018

Dear readers, as I have announced in the first part of our option trading series, I’m going to tell you how our gas trading has developed in the second week of May. We’ll catch up with time and you’ll always have the next reports on time after signing into your client’s section on Quastic.   […]

Option Trading in Practice – Week 1

17 May 2018

Dear readers and traders, here is the first part of our practical series on gas option trading. This week you will enjoy our reports a bit more than usual, because we have to catch up with time slip. So, I have decided that today I will describe you trading in the first week of May, […]

Commodity Spreads 14: What is Seasonality?

16 May 2018

After thirteen parts of the spread series, we have the perfect base for trading commodity spreads. Now we can go to the specific analyzes I use when selecting the right trade. In the last part I have partly started with seasonality and I will continue with it also today. There is no doubt seasonality is […]

Trading inefficient ETFs in practice – Quastic new series

16 May 2018

Dear readers, I would like to thank you very much for the huge number of messages and emails I get from you every week. I’m really glad you like our series on how to deal with inefficient ETFs and you already apply these principles in your own trading. I am very happy about that. Many […]

StrategyQuant 4 – overview

15 May 2018

I decided to write an article about the new version of the StrategyQuant, which is now close to be released. How does the new version look, how was the development, and what will you find inside? Let´s take it step by step.   Development of StrategyQuant 4 The work on SQ4 has begun for our […]

KKR is preparing classic stocks

14 May 2018

KKR is a private equity company, which became famous in 1988 for the unprecedented takeover of RJR Nabisco for $ 29 billion. A week ago, the company has announced that it will change its structure to a classic “corporate” structure at the beginning of this July, which allows them shares to be traded on stock […]

Commodity Spreads: Quiz time

9 May 2018

We have already completed 13 parts in our spread series, that had been filled with information on how to trade commodity spreads. I tried to explain everything that every spread trader must know. But before we move on to analyses of different markets, you should test yourself and find out to what extent you understand […]

Snapchat shares at historical minimums

7 May 2018

IPO Last year’s IPO of Snapchat was one of the most followed in the world. The issue price was $ 17, trading on the first day began with a huge investor interest growing up to $ 24. Now these stocks can be bought at half price. Fall A few days ago, the stock price lost […]

7 Characteristics of a Successful Investor

4 May 2018

Each of us has some characteristic behavior. In extreme situations, someone is calm, someone shows up his emotions and behaves like without any boarders. Similarly, it is in investing. Someone sells all the shares during the recession, someone is patient and still buys. These essential qualities characterize us. In investing, it is necessary to have […]