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Option trading in practice – Week 11

19 Jul 2018

Dear readers and traders, natural gas continued to decline last week and thanks to this, we got with our portfolio to the new highs.       Summary of the week At the end of last week, we were in profit of about + 1.2%. In our portfolio – due to the decrease in gas […]

Commodity spreads 15: Why the seasonality is not enough?

18 Jul 2018

In the last part of the commodity spreads series, we started with seasonality. Every spread trader should know why it exists, but also know its advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the previous lesson I wrote the sentence: “But the seasonality itself is not enough for me!” Today I will give you few examples […]

The development of the StrategyQuant 4 is over!

17 Jul 2018

In this article I have two news for you – one bad and one good. Let’s start the bad one. StrategyQuant 4 development has finished. Probably a shock, huh? But do not worry, it’s not that serious :).       StrategyQuant 4 is dead, long live StrategyQuant X! Experienced computer users already know where […]

From the book Big Mistakes – “I’m a genius!”

13 Jul 2018

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the first excerpt from the book Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments. It was dedicated to Benjamin Graham.       Error called “I’m a genius!” Today, I’m going to present an error called “I’m a genius”. This is a very common mistake, most common among […]

Option trading in practice – Week 10

12 Jul 2018

Dear readers and traders, there has been another fall in the price of natural gas last week, which meant for us an increased value of the portfolio and return back to positive performance.     Summary of the week A large number of the options in the portfolio are now under strike, but the majority […]

How to catch the Soybean Opportunity?

11 Jul 2018

In the last article, I revealed how I have taken the stretched situation on soybean market through the bull spread July-August 2019 (ZSN19-ZSQ19). Today, I will focus on this type of strategy and explain my approach in regard to this opportunity.   Why interdelivery spreads? Interdelivery spreads are very popular. They often keep up the […]

How to start with Automated Trading Systems (ATS)?

10 Jul 2018

Some time ago I wrote an article about 4 methods of building automated trading strategies. Today, I will look at this topic from a different perspective and I will tell you what steps you need to follow to make your automated trading successful. Automated trading systems (ATS) are also suitable for beginners, but you must […]

Dramatic changes on the soybean market

6 Jul 2018

Recently, markets are everything but not boring. There are many interesting situations and opportunities I can write about therefore the latest Spread report was also very extensive. Today I decided to analyze the soybean market for you. I consider it currently one of the best long-term opportunities not only within the grains but in general. […]

Option trading in practice – Week 8 and 9

5 Jul 2018

Dear Readers and Traders, in today’s article I will bring you the summary of gas trading on our trading account at Interactive Brokers. Today’s article, however, is not just about trading itself, but also about the ban of ETF trading for retail traders and resulting adjustments of our strategy. Summary of the week Last week […]

530 USD on corn: Detailed analysis of my trade

4 Jul 2018

A single corn trade brought me a beautiful $ 530. It is really a good result for a conservative bear spread. You have been asking me how I managed this position, so I decided to describe my approach to it in this article.       Name of the bear spread ZCN19-ZCZ18 tells us that […]