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Four parts of my portfolio

15 Jan 2018

During the holidays, I try to stick to one principle – avoid watching the markets, take a break from all the charts, analyses, and various information. But I am trying to take it easy. So it has happened also this year. From my previous analyses made before Christmas, I had some interesting opportunities marked. Therefore, […]

Profit target and stop loss

12 Jan 2018

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ve probably heard in various forums, articles, and videos about the profit target (PT, sometimes called take profit -TP), and about the stop the loss (SL).   Target Profit Definition: Profit target is the price set on the chart where we plan to exit from the trade. If we […]

Trading strategies for inefficient ETFs – basic overview

11 Jan 2018

Today’s part of my educational series will focus on specific strategies that can be used for trading inefficient leveraged ETFs. I think, that those who read my articles on a regular basis understand, that keeping these products for a long time – to have these ETFs in the portfolio – is kind of financial suicide. […]

Gold: Is it still worth buying?

10 Jan 2018

Precious metals again did not disappoint me at the end of the year. In December, they began to grow rapidly, as it is usually at the end of the year. We were expecting this as you could see in the Spread Report, where we have analysed in detail the silver with the expectation of the […]

VIDEO from Cyprus: What does the FX brokers´ Mecca look like?

9 Jan 2018

It’s been a few months since I went to Cyprus with my colleague. We were visiting Roboforex brokerage and the owner took us around Cyprus and showed us the headquarters of different brokers. So, you have a unique opportunity to see how does Cyprus actually looks when it comes to forex brokers. It’s a real […]

EUR/USD: Let’s trade! Or better not?

8 Jan 2018

In today’s article, I want to be kind of a “rebel” and leave my favorite area of automated trading. Today I want to focus on EUR/USD from a discretionary perspective. I will focus on the daily chart and the medium-term trend. On my Facebook (I will be pleased if you add me), I have recently […]

We supercharged the SpreadCharts app!

5 Jan 2018

Our SpreadCharts.com app for complex analysis of the commodity markets is becoming very popular. Number of new users has exploded last year and percentage of them actively using the app is surging. It’s no wonder why our app is attracting so much interest. It offers a great suite of features, decades of historical data and […]

PF 2018 and a list of the most losing ETFs in 2017

4 Jan 2018

I want to write my first post in the new year as a small recapitulation and a look back to the last year from the ETF point of view, and especially – and as you can probably guess – to those that did badly last year. Paradoxically, those are the most interesting for us.   […]

Where do I see the interesting opportunities in 2018?

3 Jan 2018

It is here. New Year 2018, full of new resolutions, expectations and plans. And I wish to all of you a perfect entering to the new year, so you can fulfill all your plans and desires. I wish to traders a quiet mind that must be always present during trading and many green numbers in […]

How was the year 2017?

2 Jan 2018

January is here. The year 2017 has just finished and we are the beginning of 2018. This year will be the breaking one and I’m very curious what it will bring us. I was off during Christmas, so our blog had a shorter break as well. This year, we are celebrating ten years since the […]